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A KDF soldier in somalia was given a 3 day leave to attend to his wife but on getting home,he realised his wife was in her monthly periods.so,he decided
to call to his headquarters to extend leave but with mother and visitors around,he decided to talkin military way…
SOLDIER: tango 1,this is tango
12,danger signal from the field,red alert
infront,extend leave.do u hear me?
HEADQUARTERS: tango 12,i hear u loud n
clear,attack from the back,resume immidietly,i repeat, attack from the back,resume immidietly!!


Hadi kwa mkia hehehehe

haha na kumwaga ndani

Bila Huruma


immidietly, kabisa bila huruma!


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haha naona uchookozi hapa tena ha!


Hizo ma smileys zenyu zinabo, si mucheke tu mara moja

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Hizi smiley zinafanana na ndimu



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Mkiani kwa sana periods skuma ndani