A huge percentage of the country’s population today still blame Uhuru for their woes. This is despite the fact that Kenya is a devolved state. Right now people are shouting Kenya is broke, huyu Uhuru atoke aende, devolution is too expensive…
But the question no one is asking is : WHAT IS MY GOVERNOR DOING TO ERADICATE POVERTY?


Why are we even discussing Uhuru whereas every county now has a governor? An independent authority!

A governor in my view is a President, a C.E.O.

A governor is not a cabinet minister who gets money from the national govt. to perform his obligations, a governor should be like the state President… when he or she gets the job, they should generate their own money!

But governors in Kenya have this very lackluster, confused approach to their jobs. They want independence but they also want the govt’s money and the president’s approval. They often believe or behave as if they are part of cabinet which shows they don’t understand and appreciate their roles.

Before you become governor you should have a masterplan of how you will survive. How you will generate income for you citizens. You are in charge of a mini country. You should be thinking of how you will survive, free of the national govt. And you are indeed protected by the constitution as a national leader. In fact a governor should receive loans just like the national govt. and not grants. Loans they should repay very quickly. You are a mini president be creative.

A county like Kiambu should receive nothing from the national govt. Kiambu has enough resources to sustain herself. Same with Nairobi, Nakuru and Mombasa. Counties like Kisumu should get half their needs. In the U.S. there are states that are more or less federally independent. They require very little assistant from the federal govt. In fact they are the one’s who assist and contribute the most to the federal govt.

A governor like Nanok shouldn’t wait for the national govt. to save his county. You are a governor from a county with oil riches. Why not prospect and dig a few oil wells for your county? Unangoja Uhuru atoke Nairobi akuje achimbe na akupatie half… unaota mchana ndugu. Just hire a texas oil man find your own sites and start mining your own sites for your people! It’s that simple. You’re a governor. You even have water aquifers what’s stopping you from finding your own investors and doing the necessary?! You are a governor with sweeping powers. Lakini you want to sit there like an M.P. or cabinet minister and wait and beg… what was the point of devolution?

Governor Waititu, the job is done for you. The infrastructure is sufficient. The youths need markets. Just expand and create new markets, stalls, 24 hour economy… heck build your own county railways if you need them.

One of the few gentlemen who appear to have a slight clue as to how powerful and independent a governor is, is governor Mutua of Machakos. He hasn’t been 100% excellent but he comprehends and appreciates the independence of his office. Wengine wengi wanafikiria tu wizi.

To assume that a Governor is an autonomous entity is a fallacy.
To ignore the role of the Central Government in offering oversight over county operations is a clear indication of how faulty your arguement is.
To fail to see the effects both direct and indirect of a corrupt central government on all aspects of the Kenyan society including the so called county governments renders your point of view null and void.

Sit here my brother i teach you a few things;

The Governor is autonomous and should be so, the only linkage with the National Govt is through IBEC.
How does the National Government offer oversight over the county? explain this statement coz as far as I know the National Government should not purport to have oversight on counties, there are independent institutions that do so.
Corruption is both in National and County Governments, the latter being the worst.

Governors should focus mainly on wealth creation, that should be the priority, provision of services to citizens comes second and then everything else follows. The late Dr Gakuru seemed like the only one who understood what the job entails, Dr Mutua has done well but he could do more, Prof Kivutha too is making progress it is a pity his first term was spent fighting MCAs. But generally, counties have not contributed anything in terms of growth of the economy or enhanced access to government services despite the more than a trillion they have recieved from national government and the revenues they collect that never reaches government coffers

Even the thought that Nanok should dug for oil is farfetched. Tullow is digging for oil for profit. Govt has neither the machinery, expertise nor funds for it.

Nanok je??

Even if he was to prospect the national govt would take it over and wouldn’t let Turkana prosper thought it. Which is why even 10% royalties was a long and arduous fight when govt was offering 5%.

I get where you’re coming from. However it would require a complete change of mindset to get counties to the level of self sustenance.

You cannot be autonomous when you are a beggar…
Avoid understanding devolution from a Eurocentric point of view. Kenya is an African country. Be realistic.

This narrative of shifting every problem to the county governments is sickening.

He who pays the piper calls the tune.

That can never happen! Counties do not have that authority.

The spirit of the constitution was to create autonomy of the counties, as far as the post is concerned wealth creation is the objective of the County Governments, they should seek for innovative ways to maximize opportunities for growth of the counties, that’s why we elected them. Some go to the office to scratch their balls all day.

All this shit would be true if the country was fully devolded and money disbursed to counties. if national govt was spending 10b on healthcare and devolve only 5b on healthcare how can the services be the same. we need to approach devolution from a sober mind frame. the fisrt 5 years of laying down infrastucture. if you in nairobi you probably wont understand the effect of devolution. let me talk of kisii, electricity was only available in big town centres and not in the village, good all weather passable roads were none existent making farmers sell matoke and avocado for a pittance. Kisii hospital has become a level 5 hospital with modern medical facilities all under the county. they have a long way to go but equally come from far. the national govt on the other hand has its roles and responsibilities that it cant escape. i.e policies that affect business, environment, security, taxes, major infrastructure, energy e.t.c

It seems you are the one targeted because you cant simply understand that what you have mentioned above is an initiative of the National Government to connect household with electricity through the last mile connectivity.

Please enlighten the village on what IBEC is so that I can understand the rest of your argument, also think a little critically on the role of the Senate. The County and National Government are creations of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and how they relate to each other cannot be summed up in one paragraph. A lot of the things that have gone and can go wrong are still in the clutches of the National Government. For instance prosecution of the plunderers of public resources still walk freely because the DPP an appointee of the Executive at the national level hasn’t done his job, only the national government can negotiate with investors who want to carry out prospecting for natural resources and yet these are county resources to begin with, the national government would still like to have control over the county government through county commissioners and the National Police Service the list is not exhaustive as I am not an expert in these matters. In this respect you certainly have a different definition of the word autonomous.

allow me to pick your brain a bit, Turkana wants 10% of royalties on a national resource,our constitution recognises minerals as belonging to all Kenyans and to be exploited for their benefit, do you think it is fair for a county with a population of less than 2% of national population to get 10% and the rest 48 million to share 90%?
if you say they are marginalised remember they have been receiving about 14 billion a yr on average, I say this cognizant that my home county of nyeri which is more populous has been receiving less than half of that amount, on a per capita basis,the turkana guy is 10 times better off that person in nyeri in terms of resource allocation, never mind the person in nyeri does more contributions to the national cake while his turkana counterpart lazes under trees(not hate speech,I have been to lodwar and lokitaung and that’s all they do).do you think allocation of resources is fair?
final question, why shouldn’t Nakuru be paid for geothermal resource under the same concept? backdated.

Yes they should infact they should get 50% of the revenue from oil. That goes for the rest of the counties as well. We should instill a system where the county government gets 50% for building their countries and the Central government gets 50% to undertake National projects. Then in that case every county gets what they put out. If a county is not contributing to the nation equally then they shouldn’t get equal allocation. If you elect a corrupt governer and Mca’s who are constantly yapping random bullshit and taking trips to Dubai and Switzerland for retreats then you get what you sore and the rest of the counties don’t suffer. Then we will truly know what the meaning of “Kuleni kiburi yenyu” is.

Not to take away from your benefits of devolution in Kisii, but the Kisii Hospital was a level 6 (contentious, I know) hospital long before devolution happened.

And oil is a national resource. So it falls under the mandate of National Govt

enlighten this on us, we have two level 6 hopspitals in Kenya, Kenyatta and Moi National and referral hospitals, name the Kisii hospital you purport to be level 6.

Apparently, what’s in the parenthesis hukuona. Sio mimi niliibandika hivyo.


Kisii Teaching & Referral Hospital is a level 6 Hospital that is entrusted to provide leading health services in the region that spans from South Nyanza & Western kenya counties.
The facility is highly equiped with modern medical equipment that handles complicated cases on health matters.

Numerous references to the same, Online.

IBEC- Intergovernmental Budget and Economic Council.

unless am getting it wrong, Autonomy means ‘having the freedom to govern itself or control its own affairs.’ and thats exactly what a county is supposed and expected to do.