Devolution my foot

What tha fuack

:D:D:D. Ule msee wa jubilee development anakam.

ignorance will kill you.

Mr @mr shairman concrete slabs are used in rural roads improvement where there’s constant danger of washouts. it would have been good if you had told us where the photo was taken.

:D:D:D @Kirwa ulisema hii ndio project county wamechelewesha kitunguu?

Nope, no need, we love to judge and assume things…:D:D:D

Yeah i know there are such roads kama hii ya mbagathi but do u think hawa wasee wa mjei are doing it right or jst wasting money

I too want to believe concrete roads are a better alternative to the tongue sliver of tarmac rogue Kenyan road contractors are fond of applying.

Reminds me of mbagathi but if my memory serves me right concrete roads are very expensive to construct…hawa jama wa mjengo hata hawajaanza na drainage…
Anyway wacha jama akule

ni common sana in roadworks,ni vile majamaa wanaifanya in a crude way

the engineers of the contracting agency - either county government or the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) should supervise to ensure the right concrete mix and reinforcing wires are used.

Inaitwa BRC, looks like mesh wire but comes in a thicker gauge.

i know bro…only i am also trying to communicate with the wanjiku among us too…:smiley:

They are forgetting mbagathi road, the only road in nairobi without a pothole was made with concrete

I thought mbagathi rd was a pilot project for cheap BRCs?

Doesn’t mean that wanjiku cannot point out a shoddy workmanship when he or she sees one. If your not going to do it the right way then don’t do it at all. This culture of accepting things done not even to the bare minimum ndo inatumaliza.
@gashwin hapa hakuna kitu wanafanya

@Gashwin elezea hii ngombe inajiita Chiethman kuwa concrete hutumika pia in rocky areas where you can’t blast rocks due to homes being near and deep excavation can’t be achieved by excavators.The rocks will exert too much pressure on the tarmac so concrete stregnthened with BRC is used

There’s an engineer supposed to be ensuring they are doing something.

hapo sawa,in full ni British Reinforced concrete

‘Hailed by proponents as cost effective in the long run, concrete roads are 40 to 50 per cent more expensive to construct than traditional bitumen roads, but last for 40-50 years with minimum maintenance, while bituminous roads last for 10-12 years with up to10 per cent of initial cost being set aside for maintenance’.
I hope that answers you…I have just copy pasted

Ata zile nyumba huaguka pipeline are still done by the so called engineers