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EACC recovers Garissa county vehicle missing for two years


Detectives from the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC) in Mombasa have recovered a vehicle belonging to the Garissa County government which has been missing for two years since it was imported.

The Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle, recovered at Kencont container freight station (CFS) in Mombasa, was among 27 which were imported in the 2014/15 financial year but only 26 reached their intended destination in Garissa.

According to sources, the Garissa County government had procured a total of 27 Land Cruisers at cost of Sh186,360, 822.

EACC spokesman Yassin Aila told journalists at the CFS Friday that they have been searching for the vehicle for the last two years.

“The county government had procured 27 vehicles, 26 of them were delivered except this one. According to our investigations, the total amount paid was also inflated to Sh246,932,000.


He said the commission is investigating officials from the Garissa County government who were involved in handling the vehicles.

“Initial inquiries have established that some 26 units of assorted types of vehicles may have been delivered to the said county prompting a tracking exercise to establish the location of the missing one unit,” read a letter from EACC.

According to documents obtained by Nation, the county ran an undated advertisement and Alama Trading Company Limited, Nairobi was awarded the contract to procure the 27 vehicles.

Alama Trading MD Ali Ibrahim Kontoma stated that he won the tender and signed the contract with the county on September 1, 2014 for the delivery of 12 executive 4x4s, nine 4x4 all-terrain vehicles, four 4x4 pickup trucks, and two 1600-1800cc saloon cars from Dubai.

It is alleged that a county official contacted Mr Kontoma [and] asked him to hand over the order to the proprietor of Northern Rock Company Limited, Mr Abdirizak Abdullahi Maalim.


Alama Trading and Northern Rock companies, in a joint venture, supplied the said motor vehicles.

Upon tracking of importation documents by the EACC detectives, it was discovered that the clearing of the vehicles was done by Galaxy Logistics Limited.

“Contact with Galaxy Logistics led to the tracing of the missing motor vehicle to Kencont CFS warehouse at Mbaraki Mombasa,” Mr Yassin told Nation.

EACC has written a letter to the CFS directing it to hold the vehicle until further instructions are given.

The commission is still investigating the circumstances under which the vehicle for which all monies due have been paid continues to be detained in the warehouse since April 2015.

It also want to establish why the company which had no contract with the Garissa County government to supply the vehicles was paid.

yaani gavanas wataiba pesa yote hivi na hakuna mahali watapelekwa ? hii devolution ikuwe cancelled we amend the constitution

I really like the 76 series cruiser.

Governor ya Vihiga ameamua kujenga mansion ya 80 million in short more than 80% ya local revenue collected in that county .[ATTACH=full]144974[/ATTACH]

I must say I’m impressed, that they only had one missing, had it been other situations it would be 26 missing and only one accounted for.

That’s just too much and he was elected just recently. :mad::mad::mad:

This must have been a test run!

Ongea mambo ya kwenyu mcoosh

Is this the same Northern Rock which sponsors Newcastle upon Tyne Utd?

Hata sikuwa najua where HQ ya Vihiga iko, naona ni mbale town. Watu mnajua hii mtaa, ka quarter huko huwa mangapi?
Tho. I can confidently say that when it comes to grand houses, mita 80 si pesa mob, esp. if you are hoping to also furnish the house kwa hio budget. Shida ni hii county imesota kuruka

Waah 80m ni apartment moja na nusu pale Juja .

Huyu ni Governor wa Jubilee pia ama?

Kwani the previous gafana alikuwa anaishi wapi?