Devil inserts finger in back end ( noma sana)

According to shiite Islam, a passive homosexual comes as a result of the devil inserting the index finger in the anus of a new born.

If the newborn is a lady, the devil inserts finger into her Vagina and she becomes a whore.

At the moment of inserting index finger, the baby cries loudly

I also could not believe an imam could say this stuff in 2019,

Link >> Check out @Imamofpeace’s Tweet: [MEDIA=twitter]1110468955380969472[/MEDIA]

The sunnis of kenya believe they get manufactured straight from jahannam.


islam is chieth in my eyes

Where and how do you go dredging for this kind of irrelevant pig manure?

Wewe @digi huwa na content bt ukitaja skuma im out

@mayekeke is what I’m reading true?

Digiri unasumbua.

Hawa waarabu wote si huwa tu mashoga by default? Meaning wote wameingizwa vidole kwa mikundu na saitan? Resident Kenyatalk fags @Mzee mzima na @Jimit hebu explain haya mambo. Ama muwache tu.

Where and when did you come across such a preposterous claim? Jahanam is a place of punishment, how does one get created there?

“As to those who reject Faith: if they had everything on earth, and twice repeated, to give as ransom for the penalty of the Day of Judgment, it would never be accepted of them. Theirs would be a grievous penalty. Their wish will be to get out of the Fire, but never will they get out. Their penalty will be one that endures” Qur’an (5:36-37).

my take in religion is of different ways of arriving in the same destination…you might choose a more bumpy one.

Seems like all religions are “heathen”. What’s this?


Sio mimi, the imam is the person saying it.

But other religions ARE fun…adherents looks very fine thatnk you. And fit.

vijana kama wote wa kiarabu mombasa ni mashoga. waschana wa kiislamu hunyimwa kupeana mbele hadi marriage, so wanapeana nyuma.


Ustadh haujui sarcasm?

Its rumored that uwesmake would have wanted to be born a shiite

Vile @uwesmake uwesamesema…Usisilamu ni chiet,meffi,mai…Ngite wao.Rubbish