Devil in disguise

The South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg has found Sandile Mantsoe, guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend Karabo Mokoena.

Mantsoe stabbed Mokoena and tried to hide the murder by burning her remains.

Acting Judge Peet Johnson also found Mantsoe guilty of defeating the ends of justice and of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Mokoena’s charred remains were found by a passer-by in Lyndhurst, Johannesburg in April 2017.

Mantsoe previously claimed that Mokoena was a violent person, who was “addicted” to the high life.

In a statement read out in court previously, Mantsoe also claimed Mokoena used to beat him up and that she became angry and depressed after she was raped by the friend of a former lover.

Marseile wako na ufala mob sanaaa . back pass tulikatazaa kitambo

Relationships can reduce you to an animal. to the lowest of the low. After cheating, rape, fighting, and what not, you can find yourself unable to move in any direction in a relationship and you finally find yourself moving about with someones body in a paper bag in the end. Having achieved NOTHING but self destruction, misery, and waste of time and life.

People who believe their happiness and even existence is dependent on the actions of their loved ones are often in shit. Kama a guy like @Mathaais who is generally a bitter person came to terms with the loss of his wife to a pastor, anyone can cope with such situations without necessarily terminating life.

Pwegegegege bro enda counseling, usiue bibi

[SIZE=7]Facebook murder: Zolile Khumalo murder-accused smiles in the dock[/SIZE] 13:15 03/05/2018 Kaveel Singh

The KwaZulu-Natal man accused of murdering 21-year-old Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) student Zolile Khumalo and posting about it on Facebook, appeared upbeat and full of smiles at his first appearance in connection with her murder at the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.
During his brief court appearance, 23-year-old Thabani Mzolo, who is believed to be Khumalo’s boyfriend, was dressed in a red hoodie and blue jeans.
He smiled as journalists snapped photographs of him.
He has been charged with murder and the possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

They are killing fine specimens

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Yellow yellows are endangered…in karabo’s case her organs were harvested

He he he… Hiyo ya bibi na pastor ni unnecessary

sina issues, but i have seen this.

You keep repeating a lie till you start believing it yourself.
It was a girlfriend not a wife.
People even right here on ktalk lose and dump.girlfriends all the time.

xoxo akeelah?


this is old news…next…


Ulikamuliwa bibi na pastor? Iza msee. It must suck to be you

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Iza msee. Kukuliwa bibi sio mchezo. Kwanza na pastor. I am sure it destroyed your self esteem and ego badly

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