It happened that yesterday I stumbled on a prediction (correct score) and decided to place with kshs 100 and boom i won comfortably. Today i tried the same but lost 10 fold.why so unlucky???

Ze house always wins.

Keti hapo kwanza NV meffi…

Universal betting wisdom.

You just lost Ksh 100.

Yesterday you won 1000, today you lost 1000. loss = 0

Net loss =100

Umeruka mkojo ukakanyanga mavi.

peasant problems…saa ii bill ya fobe hapa ni 2780/=

Unataka tulie na tuhare?

because nobody owes you shit

Still in campus, it means much

sawa engui…ata sisi tulipitia huko

I thought faggots are damn filthy but your language is worth making a pig puke,you’re soul too drained to differentiate between good and bad.Effects of growing in a disillusioned life.

tulia kijana…it%s the street son

Zaza hiyo yote nani ameguuliza?