Deutschland 30yrs before world war 2

Na bado nyeuthi inalalamika ati barara zimetosha

It’s sad

When I see a whole Deputy president say si barabara tumetengeneza and then idiots applaud him, I just shake my head. Nigga be praising things like electricity. Ask akina @Swansea, @Purple kama in their entire life washaiona black out in the west and no leader praises himself for that. Infact kuna siku stima ilipotea 5mins ujeru and the whole electricity board was shaken. Heads went rolling .

Lack of exposure makes Kenyans think the government is doing favors for us.
I even tell the jubilee development PR guys, whatever development being done is expected of a government, otherwise what else are they supposed to do while in office?

Spot on. The jubilee guy @spear makes me sick with his jubilee developments and he is not even ashamed that some of these projects are funded by loans and that money nearly half of it ends up in the wrong pockets…ile mabakshish ndio wanarusha kwa projects kufunga wakenya macho

That’s Hans Zimmer’s music from Interstellar. To be fair most of the roads in most European capitals were built by the Romans. So they have a very large head start. We however seem to have a stubborn and unhealthy relationship with dust and mud.

What about countries like Singapore? I was watching a documentary about Singapore…wueh unaona zile project miguna was advocating for kama light train and underground trains. These guys did it in a space of 2years. Two years man. Roads like Thika road ziko mingi.

Walichinja corruption, so money ikawa available to complete projects haraka.
Maendeleo is a collective choice.

Hehehe… Acha zako. My client lives in St Petersburg and they experience occasional brown outs just like we do here in Nairobi. No system is perfect. The only deference here is that we are so used to mediocrity that when things work as they should we celebrate them like we will never see them again.

I have only experienced a black out once and it lasted for less than 10minutes.

It is Russia so

And yes, the population of Deutschland in 1900 was almost 10 ×10^6
Outages are everywhere including the most developed nations on this planet.
Had our SGR line been stopped 10% in a month of the time the Oslo train fault their services, all the ngo leaning busy bodies would blow their gasket calling for a new ref a n dum. But then again, si “mtu wetu” so…

one can understand electricity and blackouts since that is more recent technology, lakini barabara, paving side walks and some form of piped water/moving water to homes is technology that the romans were implementing 2000+ years ago, so its a shame that we have to go all the way to china to beg them to come and do the same hapa.
lakini as someone mentioned above, tunapenda vumbi na uchafu, we are comfortable with that.

Shida ya Kenya sio barabara pekee, urban planning pia. How wide is Moi Avenue?? We are extremely poor at planning public areas and I blame the government 100% for this. Ndio maana eventually CBD inakaa slum and most corporations rush to build their HQs at Upperhill kwenye planning iko a little bit better.

Na bado Ruto , as per now is the strongest Presidential hopeful.

Florida brother.

i hope yo all do realize this shit is fake
i got just a few questions,
when was Television invented ?
when was the first full colour tv available ?

do ur research, do no believe everything you see or here

The colonialists did the planning early 1900s

Saint petersburg iko florida siku hizi???

And the winner of this weeks toilet paper award goes to…daddy and mummy must be very proud of ya:oops: