hi fam, I’ve accidentally accessed a supermarket’s annual sales report and what captured my eyes was the fact that through out the year detergents sales maintains top 5 with a min gross sales of 7m after milk products and packaging bags.I need advice from my experienced villagers,how do I start making detergents and where do I get cheap material.what are the pros and cons.thanks.
I’m dead serious about this and I’ll keep y’all updated.

I thought you were talking about detergents to remove ocular ailments. That aside, that is a good use of information. Information is power they say.

This is the formula for liquid detergent , 80 litre batch
Sodium laurel ether sulphate 4kg
Ufacid 1kg
Sodium Chloride 3.5kg
Fragrance to taste
Colour to taste
Formaldehyde 50ml

Good luck

Procedure? or the guy will make phosgene in the process.

How do you know those ingredients have tasted?? o_O


He’s the famous Mabenda, anapenda kuonja sana…

Caustic Soda ni gani hapa

tiga wana

Put your finger in the mixture and then u lick it.

All the ingredients and procedure are on the internet. Everything is nowadays. In this case, the uniqueness of your product will come from the fragrance that you use. And then the packages that you use which will also work as marketing. But you have major problems going against the big multinationals with brand names. You will soon learn what branding is and its impact. My suggestion is make test batches with the help of Uni( Industrial Chem) graduates and start trying to sell getting feedback from customers to improve your product. There are some other issues such as costing you need to consider eg consider making 5000 samples and calculate the cost (vs your competitors). What you will find may surprise you.

Don’t scare the young entrepreneur. When I started making Tomatoe sauce, I knew not clap from shiet. I learnt my way in. The idea is Resilience. Be Resolute young man. Just have one option…success. Else, step aside. Giginyana na the multinationals till you carve your own market

Don’t mean to scare him. Telling him so he can go in wisely.

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