Detectives seize fake $1m, gold bars in Kilimani club raid


[SIZE=7]Detectives seize fake $1m, gold bars in Kilimani club raid[/SIZE]
Thursday September 26 2019
Flamboyant personality Steve Oduk arrested in Plan 254 Club raid. NEWS

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[li]Detectives find fake $1 million and 147 fake gold bars.[/li][/ul]

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations have seized fake $1 million and 147 gold bars in a Thursday morning raid in Kilimani, Nairobi.

Flamboyant personality Steve Oduk has also been arrested at the Plan 254 Club.

2016 …

[SIZE=7]Popular Businessman Throws LAVISH Birthday Party Worth Sh2.5 Million For His Girlfriend (PHOTOS)[/SIZE]
David Kingsley

September 19, 2016

There are people who have money and then there are those who are stinking rich, city businessman Lucas Mbadi, alias Steve Oduk, falls in the second category.
Steve recently threw his girlfriend a grand bash at Casablanca club in Nairobi – a party that is now the talk of the town.

He reportedly made arrangements to rent out the entire club so that his beau Aeedah Bambi could celebrate her 20th birthday without having to bump into strangers.
The party has drinks such as Jameson, Hennesy, MOET on its menu and it cost a whopping Sh2.5 million.
The couple was also clad in matching golden attires which set them back some Sh290,000.
Business men Paul Kobia, Jared Otieno, Babu Owino, Fundi Frank, Chris Obure, Owago Onyiro were among the 200 guests who attended the party.



It is not the first time the businessman is making tongues wag because of his spendthrift nature.

A while back, Steve hit the headlines after he got ‘Oduk’s Corner’ engraved in the VIP section of the club reason being he spends a minimum of Sh100,000 at the club on any given day.

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Wash wash…

“20th” birthday

fundi frank ndio alishona those hindeous clothes za 290k?

Washwash rieng

Ofcourse!! Huoni anajuana na Baba Yao wa washwash Mr Jared Otieno.

Wajaluo hii Roundi wameamua Big balling ni lazima, na si tafadhali. Watu wa buroti Maguta Maguta must be really excited with such news.

:oops::oops::oops::oops: 290k for those clothes??? 20th Birthday??? The place, decor ??? money cant buy class.

usual suspekts. alafuuuuuuu huyu muchamaaa amevaa nini honestly…

No way that nyanya is 20 years!!

Huyo mtoto atakua na kichwa kama ya @digi

How do these pips make their moneys? Is it by selling fake gold?.. Or is it fake moneys?

Both. And tenderpreneuring and some pharmaceutical investments of course

If she’s 20, I’ll marry Wakanyau. I swear!

He must have forgot to pay facilitation fees to akina @pamba

Junkie niaje bro

Kama salamu hazikuji na chips na guarana wacha kunisumbua meffi

I know all these guys are into fake gold scams. What I don’t understand is these huge amounts of “fake dollars” that the DCI has been catching them with. What is the game plan with the fake Benjamins? How do they get them into circulation? One millions fake USD in Kenya’s economy will be a disaster but sijaona mtu ameenda bank ama Forex bureau akapata fake USD, where does this cash eventually end? Is it really fake? Kuna ule wa Barclays Queensway who claimed the USD he was arrested with was genuine.