Details of final moments of Purity Wangecis life and her heartbroken mother

Pole mummy . So painful. Please avoid confrontation with criminal or rogue boyfriends jiondowe pole pole.Indirect Ways of withdrawing from a relationship are so many. Avoid confrontations especially about criminal activity, cheating and such. She died akiulizia pesa za another lady.

Fourth suspect.

I am saying that you better not go to confront a man especially after finding out that he is a criminal. If she had done her own investigation and after discovering the truth device a way to exit slowly she’d still be alive. Don’t confront people with the truth. Just LEAVE in a wise way that you can live to tell the story of how you dated gangsters. Many women have discovered bad things about men they’re dating but they don’t go to confront them. They just find ways to leave without risking their lives. That’s my point. Avoid confrontations especially when stakes are high like you find out your bf is cheating, if you confront and he doesn’t want you to leave he will kill you but if you just keep quiet and withdraw he may move on with out even realizing that you are the one who dumped him.

You know the truth is that women like men with some spice in them. Of course within minutes of meeting a man, a woman can kind of tell a man’s ways. Walking away once you comit is extremely difficult, especially if he’s done nothing wrong to you.

Being a criminal is doing nothing wrong to you? Me am opposite. I am not ready to destroy my life bcz of a man. Yah. You can fall in love with spiciness but after initial euphoria ends you must return to your senses and leave. Even if you take years to leave bcz you committed fornication or whatever the important thing is to leave with your life intact. I’m a true crime aficionado can’t tell you how many people get killed confronting their loved ones of lies including parents. Don’t let emotions drive you to confrontation then you get killed.

BTW men are very good at hiding things bcz they are good at compartmentalizing. You can sense something wrong but you may have no evidence until you are emotionally attached. She did not know that the guy was a criminal.

I don’t think a man can can hide everything unless you chose to ignore. You meet him he’s an accountant, but when you get to his fabulous apartment, stuff in there doesn’t add up for an accountant. Which accountant drives a x5? The points start adding up.

He may be having other hustles. You are not EACC to start monitoring some one’s source of income.

Aha. Red flag number one.

Who doesn’t have other hustles? Are they all kiriminos?