Despite Overwhelming Evidence Bado Mlichagua Huyu MWIZI Awe Raisi Wenu


Everyone knew he is the jambazi sugu kutoka sukoi but said afadhali mwizi kuliko mganga. Personally I would choose a witchdoctor anytime compared to religious fanatics who always are wolves in sheep’s wool

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Hapa Wakenya walijitomba mbaya sana. I still can’t believe Kenyans could be this stupid. Now let us live with the consequences. This man has never seen anything he didn’t want to steal.

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I’ll comment in 2032 when he will have done positive wonders tukimlilia atuongoze milele.

You must be high on those filthy coastal drinks

Say natural Wine. It’s very pure without ANY additives like pure water.

Siyo hiyo kaluvu yenu mmekamua miwa in an unhygienic condition, kisha muongeze conc. Sugar + uncertified herbs.