Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

I wonder how employers are facing the challenge of laying off some of their employees who they had secured positions through sexual arrangements. What do you think is going on?

More sex

The boss analetewa take away during covid19 quarantine

Siku hizi wanna employ PAYE tactics… mambo ya long term engagements imepungua.


They’re becoming smarter… Realizing that once you hit a pussy a couple of times, it’s value depreciates like quail prices circa 2014…

Having pussy on your payroll is expensive lakini… Yes you get to fuck her, but at the cost of non-delivery of work plus excusing her lack of professionalism and qualifications… Also, it destroys employee morale… Too expensive if you ask me

So, as with all depreciating assets; pussy is better rented or leased… Putting it on the payroll is too damn expensive.

Niliona jamaa anasema yeye Ni feminist, ule sobomoto coco wa citizen

Pay as you eat…
Casual way, I give you give we part ways hakuna mambo na long term attachment like job

Nice quote

you could not be more correct, on that one you would rather take the money a hard working male or woman that is actually qualified for that job, and spend on yourself as a theraputical expense, i hear they have some very good therapy and groin washing going on at sabina! :smiley: