Desperate Loser

Gathesha has gone to the dogs. He went from being the Commander IN Chief of one of the most respected armies in Africa to being the tacit head of a ragtag militia of stoners responsible for more deaths than any other gang in Central Kenya. There is no coming back from this L. Total loser, Njenga has not even come number three the two times he has run in Laikipia for senator. and that is the loser Gathesha picks as his new commander of the wavuta bangi?

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This is Riggy G paranoid tactics

Hehe, @makamasi umewacha kulialia? These are the real watoto wa maumau. Ino kenya ni iitu.


Huyo ata kiti ya MCA haezi shinda. Na kama nandanganya asimame tuone

You actually have the temerity to quote a guy who says “humble time?!”, while you are purporting to disparage a billionaire who can fuck your mother and pay her a million shillings? Kijana you lack respect. Umbwa wewe.

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Who cares about his fucking prowess?

He was rigged out in laikipia

Even Uhuru lost in Gatundu

The last kicks of a dying donkey

Kenyans wes are very quick to forgive and forget.