Desperate Government Calls For Desperate Fake Social Media Accounts

How desperate are these people? I was just going through social media and noticed on most government accounts, 90% if not more are fake replies from fake accounts thanking these crooks for fake projects and congratulating them for zero work! A few pictures hapo chini lakini these guys must be desperate to do that. This mess of an administration is so terrible I wonder how some idiots voted 3 times to vote crooks in thinking they would bring any change other than negative change. Imagine being such a loser and so bad at your work you hire people to give fake testimonials on how good you are

But it makes sense because a lot of people on ktalk are also bots that will stand by the chupi lee government no matter what! Even if it means loss of lives.
You idiots thinking of voting arap Looter should really think several times before taking the rest of us through this shit for another 8 years

Israel government has been doing this for years. The project is called Hasbara. They pay mostly university students to basically troll.
Yahoo! news comments section used to be infested with Hasbara trolls but it seems nowadays Israel is not in the news. The BDS movement was really catching up

Those are totally different unrelated scenarios

I compared how Israel government uses propaganda online to improve its image and it appears that is what Kenya government is trying to do

Its disgusting. I don’t understand how someone who is broke/poor because of the government’s decision, would work with the same government in spreading misinformation that ultimately keeps them poor/broke.

Israel and its dirty tactics. Almost and every dirty government tactic/violation is almost always linked to Israel

They are called sock puppets. I know softwares that can create believable profiles. One person can be managing over 1,000 profiles.
Kazi ni ku drive engagement towards chosen conversions, drown out undesired topics, influence public opinion and basically engage in propaganda
The average social media will never know the kind of propaganda that is on those platforms.
It’s a very huge industry na pesa nyingi sana.

China does it too.

Nimecheki. Initially it was a handful but now they are many, very many. But just as youve mentioned average kenyan social media users won’t notice anything & think its real people :smiley:

This is mambo badass kaa these desperados wameamua all out psyops on us. Munaona Jayden slowly morphing into a dicktator

What are some examples of these sock puppet software unajua?? Am curious na nadai to deploy it in 2022 for my MCA

I also saw an alleged list of paid influencers by Dennis Itumbi.