Desmond tutu dead



Go Well Tutu

An old guy ,dont stress yuaselefu,you wouldnt know him

Damn … that nucca was still alive. Bishop alikuwa amekula jumvi ki sawa sawa. He out lived all dem’ others. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un “Verily we belong to God and verily to him do we return.” RIP Bishop.

i personally thought he died a long time ago, must have been confusing him with Mwananzeki

Nilidhani jamaa alinyuria kitambo. An icon from when religious leaders stood for something.

May he Rest In Peace. A great man.


Many years ago i read his book tittled “God is not a Chirstian” its such a good read. May he rest in enternal peace

A hero of our time. May he rest in peace.