Desert of Death


There’s a MNC that buried nuclear waste in our land

where MNC means what?

Who remembers the stories of secret arrivals at the ports and convoys of clandestine trucks headed north during the Mo1 years?

there was a lot of oil exploration in marsabit, wajir and garissa. in fact some oil flowed out of the Sirius ! well at Kargi and Moi announced the find before they (AMOCO, Moi, Biwott and the USA) decided to weld the well shut. The explorers then buried the scrap metal, old tyres, Bentonite (drilling mud) on the edge of Chalbi Desert. I was told that this is standard prectice when an exploration ompany is leaving a prospective site. It is this waste that locals claim was nuclear waste but we went round the sites with all sorts of Geiger counters and got zero readings.

Geiger counters can exclude radioactivity, but carcinogenic toxins come in many other forms.

True that, but the team that I was in collected a lot of samples and livestock deaths were traced to nitrate contamination of ground water (from all all the manure around water points.

Now your team should explain the high incidence of throat cancer.

not from my team but i heard a doctor once attribute it to low adlatoxin poisoning over a long time and the practice of drinking very hot tea. juzi another researcher attributed high incidence of throat cancer in rift valley to aflatoxin contamination of mursik.

The group in the video ranges from young girls to women, and Onsarigo says that they’re all dead.

I cannot imagine that the exposure to hot tea can be so lethal all at once, while some had consumed it for 15 years and others 60. I suspect a more virulent agent.

why hasn’t that genocide been reported?


That’s a ridiculous remark and you know it. Earlier today, you were a funeral programs designer. Sasa you are an ex researcher with the low-down on contaminants in Marsabit

Onsarigo showed you images of women ravaged by cancer, and their caretakers. If he says that the people he spoke with have died one by one, he is not alleging genocide, but reiterating the plight of those people and the indifference with which our government treats it.

Instead of such a cynical remark, just quit the thread and await another where you can assign yourself a role.

Lots of fake news around. Our forefathers had worse storage conditions and most died out of illnesses associated with old age . One or two cases nimeskia in the oncology department of MTRH traced to mursik. The rest they couldn’t prove the cause. Maajabu the last famous guy I heard was suffering from throat cancer in the rift was former president DT Moi and he’s still alive. Huyu researcher tunataka kuona methodology yake. Mursik forever!

This issue was investigated. The water in the area wells contained high levels of Arsenic. A known carcinogen.


Multi Nationl Corporation

What about the incident the governor reported of people with white protective suits who buried mysterious substances covered with plastic sheets back in the 80s, the locals dug it up thinking there was treasure and used the materials for walls and roofing , don’t you think there’s some truth to what they are saying?

That’s very insensitive of you!!!
Can you honestly say that those high cancer rates are normal?

This is nauseating to say the least. Hawa ‘wakubwa’ ignore the plight of the common man, not knowing their ineptitude will come back to haunt them…and in more ways than one. Pengine hii Cancer ina waua can be traced back to these corrupt deals their predecessors struck.

i am sorry if i sound insensitive but i am questioning deaths on the alleged scale. where is the data to demonstrate that cancer in northern kenya is higher than the national average?

nimesoma hiyo report yote na sikuona mahali wamesema arsenic was found…something else curious hiyo link inasema aquifers in Garissa County. Garissa is very very far from Kargi.

I saw that too:D
Wacha nifuatilie, I have family who’ve worked in Kargi and Kor they still have contacts there.