Derrick Jaxn Cheating Confession Parody


The real confession

Who is this guy?

Relationship /Love guru he has millions of followers on YouTube. He tells people not to cheat in relationships now he’s been caught rather his mistresses are exposing him.

For some wierd reason I’m annoyed with this story. Why do they imagine anybody in the world cares? The world is so huge, and everyone is so busy with their own lives no one but the wife gives a hoot what he did or didn’t do, or even with whom. Why do people love splashing their inconsequential personal messes online? What kind of name is Jaxn anyway?[SIZE=1] I guess I’ve seen it too many times in your threads, and I hate the spelling:D[/SIZE]

People care and that’s why they are trending for the second week now. Every blogger is talking about them, parodies are being made.

I’ve seen a lot of mention of that Jaxn. The name just puts me off–what happened to good old Jackson?
I am sensitive to how things look when written, eg. this people instead of these people–yes, I know, who the hell do I think I am!–I recall once, eons ago, there’s this old maths teacher who had a tall scrawling handwriting, almost like a doctor’s prescription, that I intensely disliked (both man and handwriting). He would write a lot of things on the right side of the board, then leave them there, but scribble a tall, ugly P/P (Please Preserve) so no one would erase it. One day I sneaked back at break time and wiped it all off. He was mad about it, but of course no one knew shit.
Yea. Jaxn.