Deputy President William Ruto gifts the new Kisumu Archbishop Philip Anyolo a car to assist in his ministry.

Afadhali Looto Ni Robin hood sio kama Welder anakula yote huku footsoldiers wanakula teargas na risasi.


I don’t think suddenly Kenyans grow a conscience or become moral when it comes to WSR. We still love our corrupt politicians. Shida ya WSR to me on looting ni mbili. BRANDING na TIMING.

BRANDING: All those who looted previously found a way to legitimize the loot. Kina Gatheca have businesses sprawling over almost all sectors. Same to Moi. RAO has Spectre. Oil and gas is big money. So wao wakiiba people pass it off as their companies doing well. Like CBA does well enough to buy NIC and Jamii Bora. So whether that money is looted, we can still pass it off as CBAs. WSR doesn’t have big business that’s known out here. Ni Weston na AMACO mainly so obviously people will question.

TIMING: Kina Gatheca, Odinga got their loot kitambo when guys really didn’t know much so people who’d question were few. Moi made much of his in a dictatorial era so wenye wangeuliza they’d end up in Nyayo or Nyati Houses or wherever. Right now watu wamepevuka akili coupled with guaranteed freedom of speech. It’s disastrous to loot now.

The difference between me and you is that I’m not shaking my head. I’m nodding it. Big difference

Actually if you were to ask me, it will be a very cheap campaign. He’s currently buying people when prices are rock bottom. If you try to buy people six months to the election, you’ll pay a lot of money.

I doubt Ruto has spent more than 100 Million since October 2017 which is Equivalent to spending 1 billion Six months to election with little media attention

Does a Catholic archbishop really need a car from a politician to assist in the ministry?

That is one way of looking at it but the Kenyan electorate appetite for free money is unquenchable plus if UK refuses to endorse his candidature and together with Raila they endorse someone else and considering elections are 31/2 years away, itabidi Ruto aibe CBK…literally



Unajua Robin Hood ama ni kuongea tu? Mtu akikuibia 1k na akuchangie 10 bob anakua malaika?

This may be true. But on the flipside, he has to put them all on a retainer. Can’t be a one off payment. Kisha hiyo retainer itaendelea kuongezeka as elections get closer coz then he won’t afford any of his ‘loyal foot soldiers’ backing out in the run up to the elections.

The mistake that you’re making is to think that Ruto is buying off the same Individuals that he is giving money to. Wrong. Ruto may be giving individuals like Khalwale cash money to take to harambees, but that is not publicized. The money that is getting publicity is what he is giving to schools, churches, and Goat auctions. These are the people that matter. People like Khalwale may need to be on a retainer but the voter doesnt need to be on a retainer. Look at the progression of the “Ruto is a thief narrative.”

Year 1
The Media + Ruto Haters + Competitors: Ruto is a thief, Uhuru is an angel
Perception: “Ruto is stealing money and that’s why he is donating to churches, schools and buying goats.”
The People’s Response: “Ruto is a thief. Uhuru is very good. Corrupt Ruto is destroying Uhuru’s gvt.”

Year 2
The Media + Ruto Haters + Competitors:
Ruto is a thief, Uhuru is fighting corruption. Ruto and Uhuru are very cross because of this
Perception: Ruto is giving stolen money to churches, and schools. He uses that money to bribe goat sellers.
The People’s Response: “Why are the churches accepting stolen money from Ruto?”

Year 3
The Media + Ruto Haters + Competitors:
Ruto is a thief. He is the most corrupt person. In fact, he is the ONLY corrupt person in Govt. That’s why we are spending time on him every day. You know how we know, because he’s always dishing money in Harambees.
Perception: Ruto is the only corrupt politician who gives money to the poor. The rest steal money and don’t bother. At least Ruto gives to the poor.
The People’s Response: Ruto is a GOOD THIEF who cares about the poor.

Year 4
The Media + Ruto Haters + Competitors: Ruto is a thief. Heey. He has been stealing since 2017. This man will steal all of Kenya’s wealth.
Perception: (Repeat year three perception and add…) "It could be that the only reason why Ruto stole is because he wanted to give money to the poor.)
The People’s Response: I don’t know what to say. Okay, I’m a bit angry right now- just let me be please. Leave me alone if you don’t mind.

Year 5
(At this point, the media has been left alone. Politicians are stealing money and buying voters rather than giving to Churches and schools. )
The Media: "Coffers Dry up as Politicians Gear up for Elections. EACC Sleuths Alert "
Ruto Haters + Competitors: Yes, this man will finish Kenya Bwana. Wananchi, “Haraaaaaambeeee.” (Leaning to his aide who has carried a bundle of looted money in a suitcase)…“Ehh…salimia wananchi. Patia ao transport na chai kidogo.”
Perception:_ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _(Fill in the blanks)
The People’s Response: Okay, I think itabidi nionge sasa kwa sababu siwezi nyamaza. Yaani hawa watu wantuona wajinga aje?

  1. Ile wakati tulikuita harambee ya kanisa ulikuja? Si ni Ruto pekee alikuja?
  2. Ile wakati ya Kujenga shule ulikuja? Si ni Ruto pekee alikuja?
  3. Ile barabara tulikuita ulaunch, ulikuja? Si ni Ruto pekee alikuja?
  4. Ile Technical shool imejengwa hapa…tulikuita ufungue, si ni Ruto pekee alikuja?
    Sasa saa hii ndio unaona sisi ni wajinga wa kuhonga na mia moja moja? Hii pesa yote mumeiba hii miaka yote si mmejaza tu matumbo zenyu na mabibi zenu, tumekula ngapi?
    Ruto Haters + Competitors: Heey wananchi - Haraambee. Let’s not get emotional here. Tafadhali, hey tafadhali. Let’s not do something we will regret.
    The People’s Response: (chanting and jumping up and down) Ruto! Ruto! Ruto! Ruto! Ruto!

Media: RUTO IT IS - 63% + 1!
RUTO: Hehehe…My fren. Siasani Kujipanga my fren

Whether Ruto becomes president is neither here nor there, the question is whether he is fit. It is not a narrative that Ruto is a thug. It is the truth and if you called him so he cannot sue you in a court and win. This is a legal fact for people of the right mind find him so and hence he cannot claim to be defamed or libeled against. Ask Boniface Mwangi.
The tragedy of Kenyan politics is people with your thought process. You and others like you are the reason tribal thugs will continue to constitute the ‘political elite’ group of this country.

The point you’re missing is that the debate is not about whether RUTO is a thug. The question is Which politician is NOT a thug?

Tuliza mkush buda Looto ni better evil kuliko mzee wa vitendawili juu hata kwa 1k anakuchangia risasi na teargas. Si msee wa vitendawili ni mtu wako damu?

This is an ideal or rather how he’d hope it turns out. I just don’t think that’s the tangent it will take. If WSR is elected president, it won’t be because of his perceived benevolence.

It will be a combination of issues. From he is one of our own, kulipa deni, huyu jama alishikilia uhuru, Uhuru Endorsment, hard worker, loyal, to “Hawa watu wanatuona wajinga, kwani hawa watotot wa matajiri wanatuonaje?”