Deputy President Peter Kenneth


But blessed are your eyes, for they see.

Huyo slayqueen ataangusha Raila ashangae


Hana votes, hata afadhali kiraitu

Fart in the wind…

I am sure he won’t even vote for Raila. There is a certain story about MDVD and his deputy-to-be na vile alifanyiwa pale Central:D:D

He will fail Raila.

I suggest achukue Martha Karua.

Guka is officially = Bondo.

Or get a MSWAHILI as his deputy

He doesn’t have enough clout. Heri ata Joho

Washenzi hamna kitu ingine ya maana

Perfect, the best running mate for Baba :smiley:

That would be interesting to see. Two very old dudes who can’t string a coherent sentence.

what is a mswahili?