Deputy IG daughter dies in CBD road accident

Very sad. May she RIP.

This underscores the need for urgent continuous enforcement of traffic rules.

Friday, June 18, 2021 – Tragedy struck the family of Deputy Inspector of Police, Edward Mbugua, yesterday after his daughter was involved in a grisly road accident in Nairobi Central Business District.

Mbugua’s daughter, Nelly Waithera, was crushed to death by two matatus when she was crossing from Tom Mboya Street.

According to witnesses, a reversing Matatu crushed her against another one that was stationary and badly injured her head.

She sustained serious head injuries and was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital where she succumbed while receiving treatment

Namjua, it’s so painful. MHSRIP.

That mbugua is a man you should never cross his path, his wrath is served cold.

All Ke police officers usually have a dark past. Most of their wealth is often dubious na walitesa mtu au watu fulani.

@captain obvious over to you.

Si unaskia. What is his history?

[SIZE=6]Deputy Inspector General - KPS[/SIZE]

Mr. Edward Mbugua,CBS, MBS,OGW,ndc(K).

Deputy Inspector General
Kenya Police Service

Now things will start moving in matatu industry. It’s not until a mosquito lands on your balls is when you will know there are easier ways to kill a mosquito than violence.

Very true words (although I don’t know why you had to mention balls). I predicted many moons ago that true change only comes when a higher up is pinched. That was the time they were shooting small boys like rats.

When you fail to maintain law and order in the country you live in, that’s what happens. RIP to the young woman.

There is an Asian that was forcefully deported with prime properties along daresalam rd…

Makarao wa Central have let CBD mats operate as they wish for too long. They cracked down on them kidogo tu after the Embassava incident but it was business as usual just a few months later. Hopefully now we will see some order in the public transport sector.

That kind of accident could happen to anyone in the city. Some times back another lady was crushed in same manner.

Naskia jana na leo wamehangaisha matatu sana hapo CBD juu mkubwa ameumwa sana vile mtoto wake amenyuria. How many people have been crushed by these matatus without the police giving a shit? Even the stationary ones are packed so close to one another that you have to slide between them, huyo dereva wa mbele aki-reverse kidogo tu, bas wewe kwisha. Kenya Mpya ni mara ngapi wamerusha passengers nje ya moving buses na hakuna kitu inafanyika?

This deputy IG benefits directly from the 50 bob notes that his underlings collect daily to allow this rogue behavior by matatu crews. Wacha askie uchungu wa wakenya wa kawaida. These people never understand that their incompetence will come back to bite them in the ass someday. Unaokota hongo from rogue matatus, your daughter pays the price…you steal COVID funds, it kills your child later on…you allow terrorists to smuggle weapons into the country for a few thousand shillings, they later attack a mall while your children are shopping there. Sijui bonobos zitaelezewaje haya maneno.

You should never “celebrate” when someone loses a child.

I have lost 2 friends and a cousin the same way in the CBD. Those deaths were painful. Left voids in their families. Still today I wonder how they didn’t see the oncoming cars. But then again I also hop in between cars in town. A minor miscalculation and you are toast.

It could, but that doesn’t mean @Baresi 's comment isn’t true. There is madness on Kenyan roads, and traffic cops simply pretend to work. Sio matatu sio boda bodas meandering all over the road. In fact the whole traffic situation can only be described as a dangerous joke.

Very sad occurrence. However, the Nairobi CBD is no place for pedestrians, it is always a gamble with death! The infrastructure has not grown with the population explosion of both citizens and vehicular traffic. If you look at most PSVs you will notice that they have “scratch” marks as they try to squeeze in and out of the city. Add to the rogue driving habits, its just a wonder that we survive to live another day! Pole sana to DIG and his family, hope this will be a wake up call to all concerned.

I didn’t celebrate, although everyone’s free to jump to their own conclusion.

I enjoy seeing Americans do construction like roads or bridges. Lead project managers usually says " I’m building this bridge with all my heart so that my great great great grandchild will use it without a single defect. They have the same talk be it education,laws or anything. And that’s why their constitution has had only 14 amendments since its creation in 1886( not sure), whereas you bonobos have 3 new constitution in 12 years!!!

zile hongo amechukua na kunyanyasa wakenya ndio hio feedback

But why did she walk between them? Didn’t she know its risky? The back of a matatu or lorry is usually a blind spot. Let’s not blame the driver so much.