Deputy Headteacher That Molested Young School Boys Amemulikwa...


patikana and a boy scout too?

hehehe si kwa ubaya lakini why always them? why why why? wakanyama mmezidi sasa

Kama kuna wengine kama yeye then this devil will be in hot soup


Current school he’s at,


‘The Lord will fight for you, you only need to be still’…

WTF. In this context that verse comes off as very wrong. shait

Brave to come out but also have to point the clear fact this is some clout chasing after the girls rape story…but anyways i did post that kenyan men even here on ktalk on some sus shit and wont trust any nigga in kenya- they be some closet faggots who wont blink an eye raping your ass…but yall said i was tripping …

Hapa Kenya the burden of proof in criminal cases is beyond reasonable doubt. Ana ushahidi wa kutosha?

Shait! Najua hii shule

Kidnap him, beat him up mbaya sana and castrate him, though that is still too lenient for a man who rapes children

Well. This is just rotten.

Kama venye Capleton na TOK walisema…

He should just be fed to the sharks pale Likoni channel. No mercy.

His goose is roasting

mbona atombe maboy na madem wako , umbwa yeye

His creepy face and “pedophile moustache” betrays him …
I read somewhere most of this idiots have a moustache.

That’s where he gets to interact with kids outside of school and outside of parents care, scouts huenda camping
In Campo kuna lecturer alikuwa anakatia beste yangu dame fulani who had a very small body, almost like a kid. Then later I came to learn he is a Sunday school teacher at his church. That had alarm bells ringing in my head but I couldn’t do anything with suspicions only

gakami:oops:…should be gikami