Deprived Americans Send 3000 Troops To Rescue Trapped Americans From Afghanistan

Sodomites who were left behind have requested urgent help.


Heavy weight Paiten listens to his advisors before he makes radical decisions. Hata hapa mzito amegonga Ruthligans donors who own weapon manufacturing companies. No more weapons no more revenues

Ok,shït aint right ,when freedom was no longer needed in afghanistan,millitary personell left in a rush leaving everything behind,machinery,camps, etc…they left some american people too?:smiley:
One general says “The withdrawal now is a strategic mistake. I don’t believe it’s in our own interest.We will run the risk of terrorist entities re-establishing in Afghanistan, to bring harm in Europe and elsewhere,” anasahau most terrorist stem from saudi. Waseme tu biashara ya poppy plantation imeshuka not some hogwash of ensuring America’s freedom from the same people they support and sell arms to

A radicalized Afghanistan should concern China just as much. They share a border.

Americans are attention seekers, who don’t know them?

If the taliban control 70 percent of the nation and 99 of the population, and 90% of the economy, are they not defacto the government. Te official government is nothing but a puppet government similar to the pupet governments of vietnam, Lao, and cambodia during the 20 year failed war where 10 million vietnams were killed. After losing hrrobily, hollywood spent most of the 80s an early 90s trying to protray marricans as heros of the vietnam war who won .

@patco are you pretending ati hujaona hii thread?

Malaya si jana ulisema Biden hayuko hii mtaa. Ama umejaza shonde kwa akili ndio maana hukumbuki.

And it works, now most of the world thinks USA won the Vietnam war.

Hollywood even made a movie to “win” the Somalia debacle - Black hawk down



Reminds me of this during the fall of Saigon .


Half of these mofos…remember them?

Not forgeting americas boogeyman ,CIA operative in the mujahideed gone rogue,Colonel Tim Osman a.k.a osama. Sina picha yake akiwa mzee but here he is enjoying life in yunares steits[ATTACH=full]379773[/ATTACH]

Osama wanted the U.S to invade Saudi Arabia and overthrow the royal family. What better way to do it than to use Saudis. Then he could come in and pick the pieces. He figured if he could control mecca he could control Islam.

Al qaeda top members are in fact Egyptians. Mainly former Egyptian military. Osama purchased their military expertise.

Whatever you say

Si it is history found practically everywhere. Osama came home from Afghanistan and started giving speeches against the Saudi ruling family for allowing the American infidels to pollute the so called holy lands. He was especially displeased by the fact that King Fahd had allowed Americans to set up bases in Saudi from where they were attacking Saddam a fellow Muslim.

He was later expelled from Saudi Arabia and came to Sudan and Somalia.

What was his main goal? To establish a caliphate in Saudi Arabia. To do that he had to find away to make America attack Saudi Arabia.

Badala ya kukasirika si ulete your theory tusikie.

those bolded fonts is what i can agree.

What is your theory on the matter?