Depression is Real!

Collins Audi Lord, Kisumu’s youngest Millionaire(Google Him), deactivated his Facebook account 3 years ago when he started developing depression. Then suddenly, He was found dead foam coming from the mouth. Audi had money, good cars and everything any average Kenyan could wish to own but all those couldn’t help him during his trying moments. Relatives and friends left him alone, he painfully exited World. What a Sad ending!

Before coming here with this woishe story, have you considered that he could be involved in some shady deals in which his partners in crime had vowed to cut off his penis so akaona kujimaliza was an easier way out of this world?
ION, Google SONDER uone kwamba kila mtu ako na kitu inamkula stress. Suicide ni umeffi.

he exited the world in a painful fashion…

his was a painful choice for an exit …

he exited the world in a bloody fwakin manner …

Hata huyu.

People need to learn how to deal with ‘rejection’. Adjust life according to the situation you are in.[SIZE=1]Been there and i survived…[/SIZE]

The pressure to make it early, live up to other people’s expectations and fear of failure is really sending many Young people into depression and ultimately to their early graves.
YOUTHS need to be prepared on how to deal with sudden Wealth, Business ventures and Fame and also be taught patience, Resilience etc.
Microwave success has sent many Youths to their early graves. THE TRUTH IS THAT WHEN YOU HIT ROCK BOTTOM, most friends will run away, Even those you did hold their hands!

Sometimes mnaongeanga mnakosea, can you imagine living with a 300 million loan at 30 yrs old?

Ask yourself how a 30yr old gets into that kind of (loan) money

Kama umesoma hiyo story it’s very clear though that’s not the point. Owing that kind of money while that young ata usipojiua eventually utadevelop hbp na ukufe na stroke ama heart attack. Maybe he saw all that and didn’t want to live through it.

Fcuk did I say about two foreign name shmucks

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People who COMMIT SUICIDE are the ones you LEAST expect! They always seem happy, Friendly, hyper, motivated, Dedicated, Generous, Attractive, Famous, Flamboyant/ Lavish lifestyle.
Go to YouTube/Google/Documentaries and confirm that mostly it is CELEBRITIES who die by committing SUICIDE yet We think they have it all,(friends and Money).
Check on that FRIEND/COLLEAGUE you always assume is okay. Check on that RELATIVE who’s suddenly gone rude and rough. Suicide doesn’t care about money, relationships, friends, status, honor etc
Stop Assuming!

If it is sudden then it isn’t legit. Otherwise, hii ni rich peoples’ problem. Tuwachie

Sometimes it goes the other way. Or both ways. There is no hitting rock bottom if there ain’t the element of indebtedness. And if that’s the case case, it is safe to assume that some of those friends are the ones who are hounding you for their money when the rest will be in the peripheries badmouthing you. Inapofika hapo, and having seen your friends in their true colours, you find yourself distrusting and avoiding everyone, even the ones you love l, ike family members.

A vain way to approach this subject. But it’s often how ppl choose to put it

300m yako ikiwa kwa bank that is your worry. Ukiwa na 300m ya bank that is their worry not yours. What is the worst a bank can do to a 300m defaulter?

They’ll ensure you never borrow again from any bank in Kenya especially since you are an infamous defaulter. Accumulation of assets pia itakuwa shida lest they find out and auction you.

Wacha ujinga nani. Utanyimwa loan kama hauna cashflow not because of some stupid crb listing. Halafu how exactly will they stop you from accumulating assets? By the way, unajua matajiri wengi ni serial defaulters because they ain’t emotional around money like you?

unakaa ngumu whats the worst they can do?

thats a civil case hakuna kitu watafanya you wont be jailed. just live your simple life ukijipanga

Punguza bangi nani. Cash flow inatoka wapi when your first business project flopped na unaanikwa kama conman buyer beware.