Depression is real out here

Pole sana mum. May God give you the peace that surpasses human understanding.

Baby girl needs help. I can feel her pain. God send angels of peace her way.

She should be charged with neglect fast of all. Both her and husband would be facing serious charges in any other country that cares about children. The boy was clearly neglected

What’s her story?

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Her son fell off a balcony and died

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Should get pregnant ASAP


You can be crude but you could be right …
I know a lady who lost her first born son. She went ahead and gave birth to 12 more kids!
She says the moment the 2nd born came out of her womb, the grief kinda disappeared forever.

Nazizi has a right to mourn and grief but she should move on. Life is for the living.


The truth is that no child is replaceable. Especially if the child is older. Hata uzae 50 there will always be a void in your heart. I think this happened just last year Dec wakiwa holiday. She has other kids but they can’t replace her son. She needs to join a support group and go to counselling for at least 3 months.

I’m sorry to say this but kuna vile human beings worship their children especially women. Their existence revolves around the child. They make the child their reason for living. Yaani they loose themselves in their kids. Sasa when the child dies, you no longer have a reason to live. Your identity is so intertwined with the child that if they die you also die. Same way some men also idolise their families so if they are divorced or they now drink heavily and kill themselves and or the kids.

I probably don’t have a clue what it feels like to lose a child though I see how much parents invest their lives into their kids. The thing is that humans are created to be diverse, to have a greater reason for living such as God and His purposes for their lives. You can imagine that Job and his wife lost 7 adult children and their lives still went on.

Moms who have lost their adult kids have a support group bcz women are good at creating communities and social support. There are even groups for women who have had a miscarriage. However you can’t let your child define you to the extent that if you lose them you can no longer work bcz they were why you were working. You need to work to be fulfilled. You need to worship God to be fulfilled.

Alot of people of people have turned the tragic deaths of their beloved children into purpose. Purpose out of pain. Like Moms Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Like Texas Acqua Search which starts looking for missing kids immediately, from a guy who lost his daughter via kidnap, rape and murder but was told by police to wait 24 hrs before a search team could be dispatched. Amber Alert legislation was pushed by parents to a girl called Amber who was kidnapped, raped and killed.

Grief counselling and support groups are key bcz humans are social animals and as such we have the capacity to heal one another.


Oh, I remember that tragic incident now. Sorry for her loss. It must be very hard for her. She needs time to recover


I doubt if her real age can allow it.

You are wise than you think…ooh than I thought.

Ain’t no way Naz still has a productive ova. She’s in mid 40s just like me but am half ocha half town. By now her well is very dry but I’ll still be a threat in my 90s

I thought she had other kids? Either way ata ukiwa na saba they can die. I remember Archbishop Ondiek lost 5 adult kids in an accident. It’s not good to make fun of this stuff. You can lose all your kids after investing your life in them. Don’t make fun of such a thing. Kanyaga pole pole, hii dunia si ya mtu.

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These are valid points. Grief over a personal loss of that weight is almost impossible for others to grasp, but it’s necessary to be given space to grieve, so as to heal.

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Not easy if she was on family planning…combined with her age. Could take years for the hormones to hit the right balance for her to fall pregnant

I like the way men in this format know more about women’s bodies than even a gyna. My sis inlaw got pg at age 50, she was on the pill and missed to swallow it one night. Either way even if she was to have another child doesn’t replace the one she lost.

Your sister is not the norm. Women over 40 are not as fertile as they were 20yrs ago. Why are we even arguing about this?

I’m just saying that you are not God to discourage someone from trying. I find people here like you to be obnoxious. First off the woman lost her child then you pple be like go out and get pregnant and you’ll get over son’s death. Then you say oh she’s too old to have kids at 40. Even if she tries IVF she could get triplets and even choose the gender and best embryos which a 20 yr old who conceived naturally wouldn’t. Let’s also not forget that miracles happen everyday and nobody knows that more than women. However I don’t think having another child will heal her. You never heal from losing a child. Of course if all you did was ejaculate then moving on is pretty darn easy. You guys need to have some compassion for the things women especially mothers go through. Do you think that if you died today your mom would just move on like your dad?

Point is that you can have a child in your twenties and they can die when you are in your 40s or even 50s if it’s that important to you and you want to try again there’s no harm trying with science avaliable. I just don’t like people who tell others that they can’t do it. It’s only God who determines what is impossible not men. Women are survivors and overcomers in a way that no man could ever comprehend. I can’t is not in our vocabulary. Part of why men die 20 years before women. Too much logic and not enough faith.

Sijasoma but you cant argue that a 40yr old’s fertility is the same as a 20yr old’s…tuache kujiconsole. Your most fertile years were the 20s…sai ni kubahatisha…and you will be very lucky to give birth to a healthy baby…am talking facts so wacha emotions.

Thank you for the facts. That’s why we have science and God bcz not everyone lets ‘the facts’ stop them. Have you heard that there’s going to be a drug you use for a year to prevent HIV infection. You take it once a year. How good is that? Could save lives of some sex workers who haven’t got infected yet. Makes me smile. Wish they had it when most all my maternal uncles died of AIDS. Makes me emotional. Btw the issue wasn’t who is more fertile than the other one. The issue is that it’s not impossible. Let those who want to try, try without the negativity of being told it’s impossible.