Depression fc- when you think you have seen it all .

And the keeper refuses to be subbed .!?

That was really stupid for Kepa to undermine his boss.

Penda sana @gashwin

@Mrs Shosho :D:D:D:D:D:D

While others are pulling out comfortable draws with injured players Jorginho decides to hop like a mating horse while taking a penalty while the keeper humiliates his manager .Issokay…continue making chelsea look like wenger’s arsenal .

Wooooiii Depression Fc please stand up and be counted…
No.13 mgongoni - @The real voice
No.13A mgongoni - @gashwin
No.13B mgongoni - @Mrs Shosho

Nitawaombea haki ya nani…

@Mrs Shosho, you have my shoulder to lean on. Nitakunyonya magoti stress ziishe

kwani huyo Jonny sins kabareroooh ndio ako sawa kwa penalties

Wondering how the rest of the season will be like.

Hivo ndio career ya kipa Kepa iliisha.

Career ya keeper itaisha aje ?

Nope…would have only ended under someone like Ferguson back then…his price tag will save him

ngoja uone, nobody wants indiscipline. it is bad for the team and morale.

What will save him is the transfer ban slapped on Chelsea…But his place on the bench is guaranteed…Do you know where Loris Karius is now?.. me neither

How much was karius? Do you know why coutinho sometimes gets game time at Barcelona? Pressure from sponsors. He’s the most expensive buy by Barcelona…they have no choice but sell him. Kepa is the most expensive( over priced) keeper in the world…can’t bench Abromovich’s 90 million dollars …they would rather fire the coach.

Like mwalimu @gashwin has said, lets wait and see.

Yep he will be benched for 2 or 3 matches as punishment…he is very lucky his understudy is willy cabalero. Chelsea are jokers.

when we said players are having more responsibilities than their coaches, we mean exactly this totally lost. kepa is a good stopper but you ought to respect the manager.

watu wote wako na stress wacha matusi.

Sisi nyani za Spurs tunawangojea…27th