Depressed Kalenjin Man Threatens To Kill Himuselufu. Anataka Kuanzisha Arab Spring-Type Of Uprising

This guy is also borderline sick.


The kales are suffering more than the tugeeges.

But alas! These are different times. Not the Nyayo error.
They now have a platform air the grievances.


For a man to do this, he must be at his lowest.

I hope the tide changes and favors him.

Hang in there


Why would someone be suffering?

Ukikataliwa ni dame unajinyonga ama Una upgrade your game?

Kagege Acha ufala

Niaje mdau.
Please note I am not and have never been a kagege.

Please refrain from addressing me as such.


As at @Gaza rightfully said it’s where you sit personally there is no such thing as serikali yetu


Kwani ‘mtu wetu’ hawasaidii?

Kagege aka dolt zako no ku yap yap

You Do Understand that it is Your Reaction that will Enable Him to Refer You as that Going Forward… UngeNyamaza Tu… From Now Anajua What Name to Call You in order to Trigger You.

Why does sound like a HR mail to an errant employee who has gone through the 2 mandatory warnings and is just about to be sacked?

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Watu lazima wakule kutoka juu ikielekea chini… top-down (tribe don’t count in this format). Na kama hakuna pesa juu … basi chini nikubaya. Kazeni kamba wadau…


Now what is this shareholder whining about? I thought kalemenos are buying fuel at 50bob a litre?

Let him dare to die , jskslenyeluwere will loot his land after the funeral and also his wife kama ni kienyeji :green_emoji: