Deportees SACCO : Wakenya ni wale wale tu!!.....nkt!.....

Enyewe i wonder if Kenya Wil ever really rise to be taken seriously as an investment destination by real international investors.
The Government is really working hard to deliver on infrastructure etc. Lakini you still walk into a bank, a pharmacy ,shop etc na the person who should be serving you is instead engaged on their PERSONAL mobile phone talking about shyte that is totally non work related!
When they finally finish their conversation ni madharau and attitude!
And to make it worse, they don’t ever seem to have a straight answer ati wacha niulize…
They disappear for 10 minutes then show up bado on their personal phone.
And I have observed this everywhere but more so in financial and government institutions!

I know I’m only a deportee lakini i can’t tell you how frustrating it is after coming from so called First World countries!

Get your fingers out Kenyans and get with the programme!
Maisha ni chap chap if you stand any chance of becoming an industrialised country.

Stop being Lazy and do what you are paid to do by your employer for the 8/9 hours you are there.

Uvivu ni adui ya maendeleo?

On a positive breath; si watoto wameiva huku!.. Kikikikkkk…

Niaje jaluo

Huku garbage trucks hupelekwa na cartels za Kidero. Sioni ukipata job. Pole sana

Nataka kuwa MCA.

Haya @Ice_Cube wapi wrink ya hekaya ya ku-deportiwa??
Kwani First World country walichoshwa na umama?
Kwani Kenya watu hawatambui British accent?
Anyway, I agree with 70% of what you’ve written.

Customer service is non existent. I think people are just too proud to serve others.

@Ka-Buda is conducting a social experiment… hakuna ku deportiwa ame deportiwa. Kulikua na thread ya Nattyread ama sijui comments, but iling’olewa before I set eyes on it.

You got that right!..
Ni kama every person in their own capacity feels the need to be begged and acknowledged just because you need their assistance at that particular time.
Nobody seems motivated to do their best in delivering a service that they are actually paid to deliver…
I always thought it was a colonial mentality but it is deeper than i feared!
Ni kama kurogwa!

Niaje @Ka-Buda siku hakuna hekaya za lorry. Kwani uliuza rolly ukanunua gani?

Niliuza lorry ati nikuje kusimama MCA.
I Want to make Kenya great again!.. Kikikikkkk…!..

Majority of Kenyans who work in service industry have zero customer service and they behave as if what they are doing is beneath them and they are only doing that job for a short time till something better comes their way!

Haujaenda kwa akaata neighborhood kamma roxbury MA ku get check upate dem ana file nails na kupaka make up and you are there waiting, jaribu kumuuliza swali

Umeanza kuongea kama mlami mwenye amefika Kenya for the first time na ulizaliwa huku tu ukasomea mucatha mixed and day sec. before uende majuu :smiley: wewe ni Wale watu uenda dubai ama india for one month mnarudi na American accent :smiley:

Ukitaka customer service enda hospitality industry, huku kwingine ni pocket service.

Again it depends on the services you need.

Waah! @Ka-Buda mbona huyu mujamaa anasema ukweli?

Juzi tu tuliona daktari akirushwa nje ya United Airlines flight kama gunia ya waru

A majority of Diasporians and Nairobians have a thing in common.

Well, Karibu Kenya!

Leta hekaya mwalimu.

Especially wale wa Rongai …