Deportation Threatens Life Of Immigrant Who Helped FDA Research


Let him go to his country and do the research there

But Ivana Trump stays.

Kila mutu akule kwao…
Mwarabou Stork 1994.

Wait for October 1st 2020. Smart I.D’s will be kicking in. That’s mass deportation in there. E-verify will look like child pray.

Unaongea ni kama America inaweza survive bila immigrants. Hahaha you are so naive

Enda huko then utoke tuone Kama hawata survive

Cherry picking as usual. You look for a Latino kid with cancer and then say the “TRUMP ADMINISTRATION” is deporting kids with cancer, that is what they are doing!!

You know to add kachumbari to the story.

I asked recently : Obama is the U.S deporter in chief. No president will ever touch his numbers. The highly effective deportation machinery Obama was using was passed by the Democrats in Congress. It is the same machinery Trump found in place.

And so I asked in one year for instance, Obama deported 1.3 million people, who were those people because Rachel Maddow didn’t tell us who they were at that time?

In 2012 I guess she was not interested with such matters.

The U.S media just like in Kenya is just reactionary. Today because Trump is President Rachel Maddow pretends that she cares about immigrants. And she is doing it not because she cares about the sick children, but to get TV ratings.

To be the number 1 news show in the U.S.

When Trump leaves, that’s an old story. You will never see that sick Latino girl ever again.

I never heard the U.S media complaining when Bush was deporting people en masse after 9/11!

Similarly in Kenya because Raila is not a hot topic any more, the media pretend to care about Nairobi river. All of a sudden they remember their role in exposing corruption at Mara University. Raila akirudi in action wanasahau hio maneno, pap!

They deported a sick American to Iraq where he died on arrival.
Now the body has been shipped back to be buried in the same America.
Tell me where you heard something as messed up like that.
Yaani they value you more when you are dead than when alive.

Hio inaitwa cherry picking news to propel the debate. Let’s tell them about that Iraqi guy…

But a few years ago Obama was doing even worse but he was a loved president. The media can’t attack that guy. It might annoy black TV audiences. So they tell you another story instead.

Unafikiria being grabbed by the puthy by Grizzly 1 wa US ni mucheso?

The fellow @Mawaya is talking about is called Jimmy Aldaoud.

His father threw him out of the house when he was 16 because of drug use. The guy was homeless for 25 years with a drug habit and a developing mental condition.

He survived by stealing from cars. He had 20 convictions. The day he was deported, he had been caught stealing.

He lied to police and the police then suspected that he could be an immigrant and reported him to ICE. He had no papers, no home…

Sasa hapo Trump anaingilia wapi???

Jimmy’s own father threw him out. This guy wasted the American dream years ago.

There is no dignity in insisting to stay where you are not wanted. Go home and build your home to be what you want it to be

And mind you it is not Trump who decided that Jimmy Aldaoud should be deported, it was an American judge who made that call.

The case was forwarded to a judge and he made the ruling to deport the young man. He looked at past convictions, drug possession and then made his ruling. A very unfortunate ruling.

ICE can’t deport you willy nilly there are procedures to doing it.

Namanaanisha all the 11 million immigrants wenye wanaosha tunyanye, wenye wanaosha choo, wenye wanalima shamba wakitoka America itasimama. Hata Americans wenyewe wanasemanga hivyo. Infact gava inajua hivyo. Hata CNN walionyesha venye Americans wenyewe ni lazy hawataki kufanya kazi chafu. There would be no illegal immigrants if there was no demand for their labour. Wacha kupingana na facts bwana.

Thread iko na 15 comments na 7.5 ni za @patco :D:D

Hii mjamaa inakuwa idle sana.

Huwa unaingia job Sunday?

Perhaps you or your descendants will be one day be cursed to be afflicted by a rare disease and plead for a cure that only a would be legally present immigrant, as she is, to the US would be the key to the research needed to find a cure for.

Her doctors, researchers and institutions caring for her know what they are talking about, you obviously do not. The patient was invited and legally brought to the US so that an extremely rare disease could have a cure developed by Americans. The beneficiaries of such a cure are US institutions, scientists and the countless lives of other patients. Depriving her of the same, invites a curse that should befall those who seek to dispatch her to her almost certain death by depriving her of healthcare which she helped develop.