Dependent women.

Isn’t it quite strange for an ordinary man, who is not a tycoon, to just pick and marry a totally dependent woman? One who just sits in the house the whole day and watches Nigerian movies while the man works and foots all the bills? How does such a man go through the tough life? Would you contemplate it yourself?

pesa ya mwanamke ni ya kukusumbua.
hamuwezi fanana.

If she can make the house a home, and bring up your kids the right way, thts enough contribution. hakuna haja muwe na income mbili na nyumba iwe haina warmth,

men are wired to provide
that is not a big deal at all

If you have kids, do this one day, ubaki indoors na upee wife day off atoke aende… from 6am to 6pm,my friend utajua what it means to be called a stay at home mom.

Wanaitagwa beta males chieth

A house help can do that as the wife runs a business or other income generating activity.
You can’t think and reason like we are in 1970.

That’s the reality of today.

a wise woman doesnt need to be told to do an income earning activity…she guides herself to it for the good of the house…now that’s a wise woman…then there’s the otherwise…[SIZE=1]meanwhile kuna mtu sioni kwa hii thread…[/SIZE]

Watoto watatu minimum na kusikuwe na house help. That’s when unaweza sema amecontribute enough not to work, juu hiyo ni full-time job on its own. Otherwise atoke 2 hours after wewe akatafute pesa pia. Gender equality comes with equal workload :smiley:

Comes down to choice. If you are a peasant itakuwasha sana but if you can afford to foot the bills.Why not?
Ahmed Nassir aliambia bibi akae nyumbani, alee watoto. And she’s an IT graduate from Oxford Univerty huko Shosholand if am not mistaken.

Possible but do you prefer a stranger raising your kids than your wife?
Just for extra income!

That extra income will afford them a better life.

We are living in crazy times. If you as a man can afford to provide the basics of life without having your wife working outside of the home you are better off doing it. You can see how children are getting corrupted. They are picking up bad habits huko nje and from TV and radio right inside your home and by the time you realise it, it’s almost too late. Now if the child knows the parent is around he will know to behave accordingly to avoid being reprimanded.
Having a SAHM is expensive but it is the best thing you can ever do to your children at least until they join secondary school.
You don’t want this kid to be your son

Bora azae na akuwe mtamu. She can stay home forever.

If you are in shags na uko na kashamba then you can consider a house wife. In the city, with the current economy, it really helps to have someone who will help with the bills. Jobo hukatika, biashara hu collapse and you need some 6 or so months kujipanga.

Most of this stay home mum’s hold resentments about missed opportunities,let them hustle.

I know plenty of my age mates whose moms never worked and they are rotten to the core. While those who were brought up by househelps turned out okay. Mbegu mbaya ni mbaya tuu

Rural areas and in the west its mostly the mother who looks after the kids, and in the latter the most women will take a break from work to do that - its only a small section of the developing countries that househelps (poorly paid) are used.

Sasa mtu ako na knowledge and skills from whichever course she studied badala ya kusaidia dunia nayo anakuja kuikalisha kwa nyumba in the name of house wife? Upuzi.