@Deorro, why bring feelings hizi streets mseh? #Free Aviator

So that u know what kind of a person am addressing here , I would like u talkers to see this inbox message that Deorro sent me after i attacked his crush @Guru…mind u Guru had tukanad me and i was only retaliating…So jamaa kujas in my inbox with umama…W/O any further ado here it is

I don’t know about your hate for Kikuyus n I cannot control it but just because you hate them does not mean you have to talk trash about them. Guru is an important member to the community same as you n i believe you know nothing about her same to her so why the insults? Just because she is here does not mean that she had a non-existent life outside the site same kwako. I believe you are a mature guy so don’t take advantage juu mtu ako polite n go ham against them. Na pia at no point has she ever insulted you or anyone… Maybe you will screenshot this n post. I don’t care but i believe i have tried to speak some sense hope you change

I hope now u get the picture of who we are dealing with here. Well our sister @aviator pulled down the curtains on this jaluo @Deorro…jamaa instead of fighting as a man catches feelings and decides to use his Administrative powers to punish the poor lady. The lady is experiencing problems logging in KTAlk…She cannot post threads in peace…why do this Deorro…THAT IS UMEFFI JADUONG…Grow a pair bruh
#Free Aviator

Ni jay baby boy amesema
Karii kii?


hahahahahahah Buda boss, hiyo dem anasema Karii Kii? patia Uwesmake akamue, on @Deorro we timbe dhako, people are free to speak openly bana, don’t catch feelings,


SMH…Wacha nikae pare

Exactly!!! he does not need to work himself up because of other peoples online personas…On this I support @Jirani fully


@vuja de wapi popcorns

Free Aviator @Deorro

Hehehehe…Nimekuja kusoma maoni…

Free @aviator.

It is unfair to have someone have to wait for 348 secs just because they are posting something you dont agree with.


@Jirani kazi poa, @Deorro bring back this Lady @aviator, there are some stray chokosh dogs around my hao, I really would like her to help me sort this shiet

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Mimi niliinbox @Deorro anisaidie sijawai pata reply …ndio maana mi hupea @old monk heshima


Aviator arudishwe haki yake Freedom of speech

Mama saitan ni attentionseeker, troublerouser, an irritant even. @Deorro hucatch feelings sana but when Mama Saitan claimed he was @LikeLiterally his response was well-articulated proving she edited comments to suit her narrative, this is another attention-grabbing claim, aende akikaukanga.


@Deorro you should separate yourself from your online persona. Same applies to your ‘insulted’ friends. While at it free @aviator


karii kii?? :smiley:

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Waiting to see the administrative powers used or abused.
@Deorro jaduong an ka, ang’o machandi kauono? Penja, akonyi!

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Sasa wewe kama si mkundu ya mutu, ni nini hii umeandika hapa na unajua tuko more than 42 tribes? Kama ni kíoŕó pekee anafaa kuelewa si umuinbox as we free @aviator?

@aviator sweetheart where are you?

Why am I dragged into this?


Hatuta ishi na amani juu ya Moderator fulani dictator

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I’m trying to tell him in the language of his heart that @aviator needs to be freed ASAP. I had to do it in public cs it ain’t a secret but wait a minute, when ‘those’ people discuss using their language why don’t you also have a cow and a chicken for them.
Thi kucho!!!