Deorro now wants nudes za wazee and their phone numbers


How you might ask, terms zinakua changed midway, and they will include very invasive app permissions.

Unanga akili kumbaffu

Rudisha vitu za wazee. Meffi wewe

Niaje shoga

Mefii wewe

Chokosh wewe ni meffi ya doggie ikidedi 1985 pale masimba Kayole.

Dawa ni kurudi hapa

Niaje peasant. Biz ya mutura kafiu ime maliza wewe.

Fukara nitaita Hessy…

Wechez tulia

@Wechez hii umbwa ni ya wapi. I have never heard him.

Never seen you here. Introduce yourself you peasant


Unlike you I post quality contents. See the ratio of posts and likes, its 1:1


Corona imefika phase 4, jichunge.

Must be shitty content. The polymath in me would have seen your ‘quality’ posts by now.

Denis Mungai kuja na ile benz huyu jinga ikunje mkia

wah!!! Nyumba floor ni ya red oxide?nunulia hio mlango kachupa kamoja tu kaclear varnish

I will say it for the last time. Deorro was behind the whole scheme of bringing KT down. I do not believe for one minute that adminstrator was invading our inboxes. It was Deorro and he was rumbled and thrown out by Admin. Admin tried to do damage control but Kenyans took it the wrong way. He wanted to own a forum of his own which he has now but shida kubwa is he cannot lord it on those Jizees there kikikikik who are one track minded. What a joy.
Adminstrator came and tried to unban anyone on the list because he knows that is where he gets money from. This should not be v hard to understand.

I stand with Adminstrator versus Deorro. Deorro just has the tech knowhow but he is a vvv dangerous person.