Hi madam, don’t you think insulting someone that they are not circumcised is crossing the famous red line. Please tone down.

Don’t create a new handle to take mine on Deorro. That is not on smart Alec. This MOD crossed the line eons ago and it is v shameful to see men quacking in their boots when he belittles them ati oooo I will be sent to Equator, kwani you don’t have another life???. He has not answered the question as to why it is always him fighting with his punters! serious ishus here that are not for me to take on. But he has jumped on my posts every so often and insulted me as much as he could…inc telling me how much he would never want me. Ghai! I don’t care and never wanted a Jaluo Jinga like him. I am taken already. Mad man.

That is not the point, this MOD insults posters at will, this MOD spits on posters as if this forum will never end, it is on a downward spiral no matter how many handles he gives birth too. This MOD banned IT clued on people that challenged his stupid migration. YES he did ikiwa hamjui. How come the other MODs are not involved in battles with us minnows?

Ebu aongee na Misterseed, Onyango Oloo and RCBOWEN…he will know that his arrogance is taking the blog to a hole, a big black hole. These honchos were begging the punters back in so many ways but they were long gone.

Spare me the bull and ban me when you are ready.@Deorro. Been here for a year and had a life before then and life goes on.

Sorry about that. I have been here as a guest but I registered since I wanted to ask about something from a poster here. Last time I saw that you said you wanted to leave the site, that even your bf or husband, I can’t remember asked you why you still here after all the clashes that you have with this mod. Maybe it’s better you leave, since according to you, you have a great life wherever you are and the mod has made it clear that he does not care about you. It makes you seem desperate that after all this “madharaus” by the mod and you threatening to leave that you’re still around. If my life was great as you claim yours is, I would have left but poor me it isn’t. If it were me, I know what I would do. Cheers

Ferk off MOD. You shamelessly banned folk for calling out your silly migration which has costed you customers. Folk are too scared to tell it to you to your face but I am not. Most choose to walk away. Utajiongelesha soon. Mark my words.

Decipher the Kyuk methalis below:

Shira wa kerimu uturaga riko.
Niee nditinagerera na maundu ta mutumia mukuru atete fungoro. (forgive my Kyuk). You do.

Again you as a MOD have no control about my movements on the forum. When you speak to the 3 site owners I mentioned earlier then come back with a rebuttal. Their sites went down faster than the titanic did when they behaved the way you are doing. They tried begging posters back…wapi?

Last I am engaging you.

Why is this one so angry with her amazing life???

Kikikikiki MOD kikikikikikiki, You cannot change my life and how I live it…pretty please. Carry on blocking other innocent folk.

Are you this person? I know you are.


I can’t see that message, but if it’s something to do with inboxing you, please forget, even in my miserable life I’ve got better things to do

Ferk off

Not your site, I can whatever I want

kikikikiki MOD…ME TOO. At your cost. Bye now…

Bye, it must very cold in Ndenderu for you to be this bored :meffi:

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=7]ACTION[/SIZE]

Yep it it is cold in Mushatha not Ndendero…ngoma wewe. Wooi so many miserable souls.

I thought you said you were going? I know this is like foreplay to you since no man can dare come near crazy and you haven’t had action in years that’s why you keep coming back. Shuuuuuuu away.

Byeee, sayonara bitch, Taraaaaaaaaa…@Deorro…I will go when I want and come back when I want. You miss the point. You have no control over that, c’mon. DStinking Jaluo

It smells :meffi: in here

Good lord. What collided with what here?