Lien = quadrey

@gashwin stop everything you are doing and come running :D:D:D:D:D

for what?:D:D:D:D:D

You must redeem yourseof mwarimo


:D:D:Dnamba five hapana

true story niko na insider information

Uko na ufala sana ndio maana uko purgatory mpaka saa hii.

Upuss, do I look like anyone’s sister?

Niaje @amun? Kuna batch file Fulani inani sumbua

@Simiyu22…pls stop asking these kind of questions. Raii? guud. The mod is a psychopath and insults his people willy nilly. The only mod I have ever seen online insulting posters who pay his bills. Rewards are coming his way soon. Atajiongelesha soonest ebu aulize Misterseed, Jukwaa Oloo, ama RCBOWEN owners kulienda aje?

What Georgie posts cannot be compared to all the sex material posted here from Shosho media. Ati ni kule hii? I and others do not agree with what GM posts BUT we can skip it.

Si you left the site, what brought you back?

Ferk off niga, your site is going nowhere but down courtesy of YOU. I am enjoying reading a few peeps and then disappear to my inbox. YOU banned innocent folk when they pointed out the new changes that you brought. YOU are mentally sick accept it Jathurwa. Bye Sayonara…

And before I forget, what brings me here is not the Jaluo thing like yours that has not had the worrrrrrrrrk done. IDIOT.

your inbox is still on this site

FERRRRRRRK OFF and get a life for crying out loud and pls note I know where to catch all my inboxers…simu, whatsup…BURGEROFF NIGGA. You are missing the joke. My inbox is on your site so nakula buree…kikikikiki

Tafuta mwingine…it ain’t me.

Just been reminded that misery loves company. Mmmmmm I so agree and therefore will not be responding to you Noogle.

Site is going nowhere, hii sio nyumba ya nyanyako

Thank you. Another of your handles that I need to block. Aasanti