If posts have different content why merge them, can you stop bullying me because you dont like my content. Be professional k? You allow irrelevant content on wrong forums all the time but my posts, you merge regardless of the content. If theres a quota a person shouldnt surpass come out and state it clearly but this is not your high school where you’re the one laying down whatever law your bias states, be a professional moderator- or whatever your job title is on this community. Whats wrong with you? Cant you just put your feelings aside and do your job professionally or leave the moderation to less biased staff. I dont care who the fuck you are , I wont put up with you shit!!!

he he he

Futa zote deorro

@makena ,Unatusi mhechimiwa ??

Nauza mapanga, marungu, nyahunyo na mishale… Bei ni ya jioni…

Oh shit, its that time of the month again…

@introvert, njoo kiasi, this is what I meant, confirms Makena = Deorro

Fake controversy everywhere, reminds me of those fake WWE wars

Wacha niekelee GG kwa hii dick contest

Pop corns please, am sitted in the blue corner.

@Ice_Cube = @WuTang
@thesavage = @patco
@pseudonym = @Purple
@Liberty = @Purr_27
@Kihii Kiaganu = @gashwin
@introvert = @Nefertities
@amun = @admin

take that to any Power Bank .

thesavage=? Upuss.

@patcohapa naona umeguzwa. Utajitetea ukiwa upande gani?

Lakini hizo zingine ni kwweli.

Kuna mtu hapa hajui hii?

Birrionea, What are you smoking? :D:D

Or else what?


Hiyo number 5 yako imefanya nicheke mbaya.

Football rules in the old day.

  1. The owner of the ball decides who plays.
  2. The fat kid was always the number 5 or
  3. The match can end abruptly if the ball
    gets angry or hurt.
  4. The best players are always selected first.
  5. You were allowed to change goal keepers
    when there’s a penalty.
  6. If u play heavy and hard shots,the ball
    will warn u.
  7. If u don’t contribute money for
    pumping the ball, you will be banned for
  8. No ref or lines man. You can even play
    beyond the goal post.
  9. Every tackle on the ball owner is a foul
    the game will end

Why is it always @Deorro ?

Good job Deorro. Huyu madam ana kelele/kimbelembele mob sana akijaza tu servers hajalipia na threads zingine anajiongelesha tu. Pewa faxe mbili kwa bill yangu


Jamaa wa mashakura pia ni jamaa wa maua:D:D:D