Deontay Wilder

The bronze bomber proved his mettle against the dangerous Louis Ortiz and embarrassed naysayers… Damn!

Sasa A.J awache ku duck

AJ is not ducking. Hii sio kupimana nguvu. ni biashara. Wilder priced himself out asked for 50/50 split yet he makes $1 million while Joshua makes 10s of millions. Wilder wont fight Joshua unless he is sure to make a kill even after loss. Knocking out that overweight ortiz is nothing. And again Joshua is going to fight a champ in Parker. but I am not counting out wilder. he has got a nuclear bomb in his right overhand club.

Wilder ni hitilafu. Ogopa huyo jamaa. Yeye hukupiga ngumi ni kama mnapigana UFC. Almost all his fights ni knock out moja pekee ndo alishinda with judges decision.

But Ortiz is also a good fighter, he managed to take it all the way to the tenth round.

He actually would have stopped Deontay in the seventh round but I guess he gassed out and gave Deontay a lifeline.
I wish Wilder would improve his defence and work on some combinations, this coupled with his unorthodox style and power would be deadly.