Dennis Pirate aka Cpt DCharles

Is this dude for real?? sometimes i have a sneaky feeling that he’s a suave sleeked up kungu the “pilot” reloaded version 2.0

[ATTACH=full]5520[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5521[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5522[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5523[/ATTACH]

This guy is Kungu The Pilot


kungu pilot has gone hitech…

@msalame grace you are getting impressed very easily. Enyewe women are very superficial. cant you tell from his name that he is a fake? A wannabe of some sort. Those kind of people, even when they have some money, turn out to be pathological liars, larger than life wannabes, and most often inward thinking. He looks Kungu all over. or he is the CARNIVORE MAN kind you are looking for? I doubt a pilot would behave like that. I wouldnt want to be on a plane piloted by a boisterous person because mistakes can hardly be corrected. Once you stall the plane out of the proper flight configuration you will hardly get it back, you are going down watching every minute of it.


Huyu ni Kungu Rubani

Huyu ni Kungu Rubani, lakini ni Senior…

Now who said that I’m impressed ?? Wacha kuniwekelea maneno…ni swali tu nilikuwa nimeuliza…being a pilot is a proffession like any other wherether you post fake pics on IG and Twitter has nothing to do with the skill and training…kama ni ku make mistakes and crashing while on the job it happens to even experienced pilots

Hehehehehehe Kuna resemblance na kungu rubani…who has a pic we compare

tebu mwambie akuje huku na zile chocha zake

you have a way with words, madam, kudos.

huyo ni kung’u yule bonoko pilot…

ndo huyu the real kungu pilot wanafana na [ATTACH=full]5531[/ATTACH]

Kweli nimezeeka. It has taken me a few minutes to tell what IG means.
I thought Ni Inspector General. .:slight_smile:


Hehehe hio nilijua tu Juzi…new word of the week…I was itching to use it here

Huyu Kungu original looks much older

@Ingia cum srowre utamfanya akatch …
I bet this mujamaa must be a brother from the lakeside


Hehe seems

grace grace grace, never give up on me. let the haters play . I will email you my contacts sweery


IKR :smiley: :smiley: :D…