Denithi Etumbi maybe suffering from Ebola.

How else does one bleed from the eyes with no visible bruises of being hit by or hitting against blunt object.
This is an infection.


maybe he has cried so much.

The man is just daft.

It’s unbelievable how you can sink so low because of politics. Truly, Ojingaism is a curse.

I’m not boarding.

sioni injury yoyote hapo, hii umbwa inajulikana as an actor ali ji kidnap na kujifunga ma bandage . angalia kichwa, face no blisters, no swellings . just weird bandages . mtu umbwa kabisa.

My point exactly, I’m trying to figure out the kind of beating that would make one bleed thru the eyes , with no nose or mouth bleeding ?
Bleeding thru the ears may indicate some serious head pounding, and when you get to the point of bleeding through the eyes, means your life is in hanging on the scale.

Iyo mattress ukikua utapata chipa ya tomato sauce


Its campaign time,these mofos will come up with sad buffoonery . Pale zambia walikua wanapiga dasta door to door

Which hospital is this inakaa makeshift?


If something happened to you like thieves beating you up, where do you think they will take You? Itumbi may start at a makeshift hospital, but will end up in the best hospitals in the country. Question is, where will you End up? Ojingaism is a curse

Couldn’t have happened to a bigger twat

Haya, ndio hii best hospital hussla amehamisha yeye. Kitanda ndogo kama ya boarding school.

This guys needs to visit a spa and get a facial, ngozi ya face haifai kufanana na ngozi ya haga. And whats that green stuff in the corner of his mouth, jaba?

wakenya kama kawa showing their ignorance
mshameza hook…


Today it’s itumbi facing the brutality tommorow it will be you and your uncle’s and we will laugh it off and call you mtu ghaseer.
Never rejoice in political persecutions.

A poorly scripted locally produced cobra squad kinda movie. He should do better next time …

Can you examine his face again and point out to us any signs of assault, not even his lips are swollen. No bruises anywhere, change my mind @PHARMACY ?

Same was done on muganga during nyayo era.
Dynasties must fall