Funniest ni ile ya manzi kukuuliza chapa, “Swansea, ni lend 10k ntakulipa next week”. Yeah, really??!! o_O:D:eek::confused: Na nikitu you already bomoad back in the day, full well knowing they will not pay… :D:D:D

Wacha deni hata job I cant employ a relative. Either fund their venture or recommend them

Diaspora mettings in US and this was always a topic that came up. Loans not paid or housing projects not implemented


Gibleys ni Mafuta ya chopper

Ukikopesha na wewe ingia kwa mshwariii

BTW Koolibah, you have travelled a lot. How did you settle down in Kenya again…just for me pls.

hapo ni ukweli kabsaaa…

A former friend went ghost on me after I loaned him $300. Someone who you have known for almost 10 years.

Write it off.

then there is this category who dissapear with your kitunguu. Jamaa unamfanyia kazi poa kila time halafu siku moja analeta moja kubwa kwa deni then anakuambia ngoja nikuletee, half a year down the line anamalaysia

@fisi fc we did it this afty although we still have a long road ahead. Aii Ed Hazard…it was a tough match esp when we lost so quickly early on. Let me go and rejoice with my colleagues.

After campus nilikopesha former classmate pesa lakini kulipa ikawa matanga, dude even blocked me !..years later I’m in a position to influence a tender & he comes back as an interested tenderer, ati bro niaje si unajua tulisoma pamoja tuokoleane hii mambo.

Nikamwambia alete 50k nimskumie hio tender jamaa akatoa from his own pocket!! Siku ya kufungua docs nikaambia committee kuna nyang’au imejaribu canvassing wachujwe immediately and wakuwe blacklisted (can never participate in our tenders tena!)

Kijana alipata heart attack ati mbona nilimruka nikamshow dawa ya deni ni kulipa sio kuhepa! Later his employer learnt why they lost the tender and dude was fired…but the company still bribed us watolewe kwa blacklist. So it was a WIN-WIN for me…yaani nimewin pesa na nimewin revenge!

Looking back it feels petty & harsh but dawa ya deni ni kulipa !

That was extreme. You recovered your money. Having someone fired is a bit much.

I agree because we give out of trust/kindness and pity that we shall get our money back then they betray us.:frowning: