Demystifying Ombeta, client sentenced to 30 years

Nitakuja inspector.


Hata kuku sijui kuchinja.

hizi vitu huwa rahisi sana kusema. The best thing to do is watch American death row documentaries. Na zimejaa all over, from Youtube to Al jazeera.

Death row is terrible torture. Especially on the victim’s relatives because you have to wait for many years until the day the convict atanyongwa ndio ati mpate justice. In those years of waiting life stands still. By the time they electrocute the guy you don’t know what to feel. Tuseme mtu wenyu aliuliwa 1995 na convict alifanya hivyo ananyongwa kesho in 2018…

Na ujue wengi wa convicts huwa wameokoka na wameomba msamaha mara kaa mia moja over the years. Maybe he killed as a boy from bad influence the mistakes of a young man but they execute him as a sober, sorry man years later.

Americans are asking very hard questions concerning capital punishment.

Na pale Saudi Arabia instant justice, nayo you are not sure whether the fellow being beheaded within a short while of commiting the crime kama alikuwa akili punguani akiua or on drugs. His head is chopped off so fast hata yeye anaenda akijiuliza what just happened.

Demystifying Ombetta…
Dola was accused of murder. Which carries the death sentence whether they are carried out or not. He has been found guilty of manslaughter. Any accused would find that more of a win than a loss. Manslaughter does carry lesser sentences. Ombetta must have introduced enough ‘facts’ hence raising queries as to his client’s guilt.
What are lawyers expected to do?

@Yunomi ndio hio list ya watu watanyongwa this year pale U.S.

14 fellows lined up hadi december including mzee fulani in January.

Na kuna website ziko na death photos mjamaa akisha maliziwa. Wa mwisho alinyongwa last week Thursday. Next week Wednesday kuna mwingine ata exit usiku. Governor amepitisha.

Huyu hapa ndio alimaliziwa last week for a crime he commited in 2000. He still maintained his innocence to the end. Alichapwa lethal injection last week. Waliondolewa wawili on two consecutive nights. Story yake hapo chini.


A childhood friend killed his kunguru girlfriend in cold blood. He was a close friend. In fact, I had the spare keys to his house. I warned him to leave the kunguru on numerous occasions because she kept cheating on him, but his ignorant ass wouldn’t listen. One day I guess he reached boiling point and what happened happened. After he was arrested, he stayed in prison for nine months and then he was out. He managed to bribe a judge and get released on bail/bond (sijui hizi terms), using a fake title deed as security. The thing is, there is no way he could have won that case considering that the guy went and confessed on radio immediately after the incident due to anger. So when he got out, I advised him again to get the fuck out of Kenya. He was risking getting caught again, or getting killed by the girl’s family. Hakumaliza wiki, akashikwa tena. Last I visited him he was in Naivasha maximum but niliskia alihamishwa akapelekwa some prison in Nyanza. He had a perfect chance to escape but he chose to stick around like an idiot, despite the overwhelming evidence.

The best Criminal lawyer, they said.

@pamba hio kazi unadai inaendaga hivi. Utaweza?

Mimi sijui kuweka spoiler. Hapa ni 1999. Convict’s name Allen Davies. Brutally killed 3 women in 1982 and was executed in 1999. It took a while to execute this big fellow. It was ruled a botched execution.



What happens when one is wrongly accused?
Do you sincerely trust Kenyan police to handle evidence properly?

I have had the chance to interact with someone who was incarcerated for 22 years. Doing something meaningful is the least of his problems. Even barely surviving is a challenge. The jama is not sawa. Too many years behind bars make you a social misfit.

If he did it, they would make noise and call it discriminatory.

As I suggested to someone else search KTalk for Ombeta. Keep him on speed dial at the risk of expending your entire savings and for a result that is not favourable. In the past the suspect would have gotten away with murder. Ombeta will not go to the USA because of what he is implicated in. Let that sink in for a minute. His former clients case is before a US court and it has been mentioned that judicial officials were bribed. Who else could have done the bribing? That is precisely why the Akasha’s could never be convicted in Kenya.

Did your friend ever have remorse, because if he didn’t (as a friend), I would be worried that I might be next! However these things happen and people do go scot free.

akufilie mbali huyu dola takataka,that chic was mine tukisoma naye Aghkan mombasa…