Demystifying Ombeta, client sentenced to 30 years

Any one still eager to have him on speed dial? @patco update contacts zako.

Judges are afraid of bribes right now and if anyone thinks ombeta wins thru legal expertise, they are deluded

I guess if you were a judge, you would do the same given these anticorruption purges. What a time to be Obado or Jowie!

30 years in jail is no justice when the person killed the other person.
For example the family of Moses Otieno Dola will be able to go visit him and tell him what is going on in the family. The family of
Wambui Kabiru will have nothing but a grave to visit.
Mimi I believe murderers should be hanged. This Dola and Jowie and even that Ruth Kamande should not see Christmas of 2018.
Do you know you can kill a whole family (father, mother, 4 children) in cold blood and not get killed yourself? They’ll sentence you to life in prison. Is that justice?

Aiii, boss weee!
You are giving us a wrong story!
This here should be the actual story!

He has not been sentenced as yet.

Wambui Kabiru death: Journalist Moses Dola guilty of manslaughter :: Kenya - The … › …
3 hours ago · The High Court on Friday found Moses Dola guilty of manslaughter following the death of his wife Wambui Kabiru. Kabiru …

There have been no executions since 1987. Can you imagine the backlog? There have been stories told of persons convicted in court only for their neighbours to spot them at home the next day.

If hangings or other modes of execution were introduced in Kenya, crime would subside but so would the very likely possibility that once in a while an innocent person will be framed and executed.

I’d rather be sentenced to hang rather than suffer 30 years in incarceration,yaani mtu anakula bibi yako na wewe unakamuliwa na akina atwoli Kwa jela.

To understand the Ombeta reference, just search KTalk and you will understand why

Very wrong story kwanza he’s not yet convicted but found guilty of manslaughter,wacha tungoje mitigation ya ombeta.

Very interesting kwanza the legal sentence is to suffer death not by hanging.

Afisa hiyo ni dhuluma

And remember its not just the 30 years. If your still at the age when you are trying to make it, then your whole life comes to a standstill. When you come out, life will have past you by na itakua ngumu sana to do anything meaningfull. Yani you essentially loose your whole life and not just the 30yrs. If it were me, hang me ama nipe lethal injection!

In the words of Francis Bacon aka Shakespeare.“The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”

We humanize inhuman people and that is not good. Jail should be for thieves and conmen.
What would happen if Uhuru ordered for hanging of some of the murderers? Human Rights people would throw tantrums? Is that the worst that could happen?

It may seem barbaric but its actually very fast, painless and effective when done right. Unfortunately there is no one left with on the job experience in the country. Maybe it should be put to a referendum, I wonder what the public thinks about it, but given a corrupt justice and police system, people may fear that they could be victims.

Hio kibarua nikipewa na fanya bora pay ikuwe mzuri.

afadhali nikae hio thate years than niende kwa shetani mapema

why would I need that ambulance chaser’s contacts, bwana?! Chief Inspector Derrick aus der reihe Otieno Mak @pamba alisema juzi that that Ombeta guy rarely wins cases anyway.

Mimi natufata Queen’s Counsel Steven Kay QC ama Karim Khan QC. Mtu anakutoa jela ya wakoloni rife rife. Yaani ulikuwa umeingiswa kishwa na muguu moja dani ya jera… rakini anakuchomoa PAP! Apan cheza.

Hawa Ombeta na Kigen watakula tu shilingi yako bure. Si uliona Ruto alifukuza akina Kigen na Kilukumi?

Angecheza, angebaki huko na akina Slobodan Miloseveseve.

QC inamaanisha hata Queen mwenyewe anatambua.

Na pale America, anyone his excellency Mr. Trump ata recommend niko sawa. Hata mimi hio tax nichape Gathecha chenga. Tukianza na mzito Giuliani.Mnatafuta tax records, hazipatikani bana. You don’t even know whether Trump is rich or poor any more. You don’t know shiet! You just dont know. You can’t tell.

Juzi wanasema he’s still being supported by his dearly departed parents. They don’t know what is what. Na unashinda hadi urais.

Ukipata shida kuja nikutafutie wakili ako na akili for a small fee.

In other words unataka kusema umeua before? You don’t hesitate.

I doubt mtu wa hio calibre hawaongeangi mob kama wewe Chief inspector.