Democrats have refused to reveal the name of the cop who shot Ashli Babbit.

Why would you refuse to reveal the name of the officer who shot Ashli Babbit at the Capitol building?

When Chauvin was “executed”, by evening we knew who had done it includung where he lived.

What are Democrats hiding? Why would you refuse to give the name? Is it because they are afraid that he will be questioned and he will speak the truth?

And the truth is that he was lying in wait ready to shoot this woman? They hoisted her up so she could be shot.

Then later these Antifa fellows seduced MAGA supporters to walk in and take the blame. From what we now know, it’s that many of the first guys in were actually FBI agents acting as instigators and provocateurs.

Putin knows how the game was played.

Democrats are dirty as fcuk. They killed an innocent woman just to steal an election.


It was justified because the police feared for their safety. What else do you want slimmy balls ?



Homosexual njaruo learn how to answer questions. WHO SHOT ASHLI BABBIT?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, then don’t attempt to answer it. Just go fishing using your foreskin as bait like you do every other day.

Your lesbian husband did it .

Where was she going. The gate was the officers’ last line of defense before being run over by a crowd.

Oh God! So it’s the Democrats who are “hidding” him? Actually he could have shot 10 or even 100. If they did that the fuckers could have stayed away. Those idiots could have killed Mike pence, and several other members of Congress/Senate if they hand gotten their way to them.

And stop pretending as if that is something big. Which country do you live in? If Kenyans try that nonsense of breaking into parliament with weapons there will be a massacre. And no one will complain or feel sorry for them. If you are stupid enough to attack members of parliament (Congress in US) with the aim of killing them, you unapologetically deserve the same fate.

Couldn’t agree more. If she didn’t want to be killed angekaa kwake … end of story.

Leteni jina ya shooter wacheni upus.

This was an execution.

The shooter was hiding his body because it was all pre planned. He waits for the clueless MAGA supporter to be hoisted by John Sullivan the Antifa guy and then he pulls trigger.

What was John Sullivan a well known ANTIFA doing there? Agent provocateur.

We know that the FBI was recruiting former soldiers in preparation for January 6 :

Hata George Floyd angekaa kwake! Release Derek Chauvin.

You are clueless about most things. I realised this last year when you asked who Soros is.

Wah! Hizi conspiracy theories maze zinakumaliza. You will run mad soon.
Anyway as you continue day dreaming those MAGA faggots facing charges will get lifetime jail conviction.

Now that’s what we call a conspiracy theory.

Russia collusion - conspiracy theory.
Steele dossier - conspiracy theory.
Biden win with 80 million votes - conspiracy theory.

January 6 insurrection - conspiracy theory conducted by Antifa agent provocateurs e.g John Sullivan :

I think you are too far gone to be helped. You are so deep into stupidly that no one can save you. With all the video evidence and arrests of the maga idiots carrying Confederate and Trump flags. You are still that stupid.

Anyway- a little advise. Stop listening to fake news, they will keep disappointing you. NONE of their predictions comes true. They are saying Trump will be back in office in August. I know you are stupid enough to believe it. He won’t be back, but it won’t change your believes, that’s stupidity 101.


Ambia hio khasia ukweli … hallucination itamalisa yeye

Were the confederate and Maga flags enough of a threat to warrant the shooting of a protestor?

What evidence? Waving a flag is not evidence of any crime.

The only person who was killed eas Ashli Babbit. Shot by an unnamed cop.

And FYI the first one already walked hapa hakuna kesi . Once you drop one, all the rest will walk :

First case down 499 more to go. January 6 manenos. - News & Politics - Kenya Talk