Democrats enjoying fine meals while their citizens remain stranded in Afghanistan!

Hata hawana shughuli. If you are stranded in Afghanistan, hapa itabidi uji sort. The old days when Americans were treated like kings are dead and gone.

NB. None of them are wearing masks or observing social distancing but they demand of you to wear a massive mask and seat several meters apart.




Halafu ona vile wamekaribiana. And they are all in that age group which is at risk.

Hii covid ni political sarakasi tu.

Yaani hakuna black bonobo kwa hizo tables zote? Kweli Murica is a very socially segregated country

They only come in handy when voting.


Kwa Americans ndio nani? Fvck them wakufe

Si mtu ajitolee aende akawachukue labda atapigiwa kura tena…

Is this post about masks or Afghanistan ?

Democrats hutumia nyeusi for votes and virtue signaling purposes. American nyeusi are on their own.