Democrats are very evil people

Caption says it all

Because a Steve says it makes it the gospel truth? Please, let’s learn to substantiate claims. I dont support Biden nor Trump but most of these Trump supporters are bitter AF.

Voter suppression loading 2022. Good thing is that :

Election officials are very busy scrubbing the Dominion Voting machines clean. In fact they had a deadline to do it before Monday.

Corrupt judge reverses order to stop the scrub in Georgia. - News & Politics - Kenya Talk

Why in the world would you be so quick to delete the servers and the voting machines in such a highly disputed election?

A judge stopped them then the governor and his lawyers went to court and said the state owns the machines and they are allowed to do as they please with them. And the judge relented.

Now the only evidence remaining in Georgia is a paper receipt printed by the machine. We dont know which machine printed what and when.

What do you call what the Republicans did to Obama for the 8 years of his presidency? Questioning his birth place; the Birther movement; topedoing all his motions in Senate…

Best POTUS to worst in my lifetime.


This means absolute NOTHING. Evidence is taken to a constitutional court not in a court of public opinion like how Jubilee fights corruption. Trump has lost all the legal battles challenging results. Do you want to say all the judges are biased? Don’t carry us babyish

These 4 criminos:
@T.Vercetti , Purple ,Kahuni Maisha na thesavage have dipped their noses into Qanon’s butt and smell nothing apart from the stench in there . The gibberish stuff they regurgitate here is a vomit right from those Qanon sites . Pay attention specifically to purple.

Alaf someone gets so worked up for things that he can’t even change. @Purple is one bitter woman who I never thought was wicked as well. Wishing your countrymen evil coz of their choice in democracy says it all. Never seen someone sink so low

Papo sio mwanamke. Ni ndume that pretends to be a woman. But yes, it’s a re-turd


Wewe najua wewe ni mjaluo. I can tell. You just give off that vibe. Na vile huwa mnazusha server ifunguliwe.

If the OT MORPHO server was scrubbed clean in 2017 si mngechoma hadi lake Victoria yenyewe!

But saa hii juu Obama wenu, kijana wenu wa nyumbani ako tops, ako mbele ndio mnaringa mkiwa na fellow ODM member @Abba AKA Shikwekwe.

:D:D:D:D Saa hii mnasema server itupwe ndani ya lake victoria hata isifunguliwe… hehehehe

Human beings are a funny lot.

@Abba saa hii unawika server itupwe kwa moto na mtu wenu afanywe a quick swearing in. Faster faster nani…

I am sure if it was up to you and @marine1 you would’ve sworn him in on the 3rd at night at the white house.

"[SIZE=6]Alaf someone gets so worked up…"[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]Na vile huwa mnaguruka Kenya mzima hakukaliki. Short memory manenos.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]Baba baba baba …[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]Hadi Koffi Annan analetwa awatulize. Five presidents have to be brought in to calm down the baba of this Luo Kingdom.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6]Lakini leo mnasema server itupwe Lake Victoria. :smiley:[/SIZE]

Punguza maffi kwa kichwa. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa

Republicans are certified devils but they should have learned from that .Sasa they will repeat the ‘‘elections were stolen’’ narrative and continue the divisive politics for the next 4 years mpaka takataka demagogue kama Pompeo aingie White House

Its politics,everyone is crooked

pure fraud by demoncrats, but i also blame Trump he had 5 years to know the demoncrats will do this especially after the fake impeachment

Mzito Malcolm aliona hawa watu kwa umbali.

Obama didn’t care about blacks. When he was president he spent most of his time pandering to gays and transformers(transsexuals), BLM started during Obama’s time.On this list of yours all these men were all poor and I bet you Biden will be the same.
Tafuta hii documentary inaitwa 13TH uta notice these ppl are all the same.

Unakumbuka back in your undergraduate days wakati mlisoma sets kwa math na logic ? You were supposed to apply that sh!t to daily thinking.

It’s “US presidents in my lifetime”.
Sorted best to worst. It doesn’t exclude anybody.
Doesn’t specify anyone’s policies towards Blacks.
In that cohort Obama was best Trump worst…

When a president leaves out a specific race wakauke he is not the best. Huyu Obama wako aliwacha his own race, that makes him poor leader.
Kile huyu jamaa ako nayo ni sweet words that clearly charmed you.
You rate Trump as the worst and obama the best because media told you so.