Democracy is useless for 21st generation

Take a case of China vs India as an example

To convince the world to abandon democracy, there needs to be a catastrophic event worse than corona, kitu kama World War where the parasitic owners of capital as @sani says are toppled and replaced with something else, it would be a very violent transition

could that be what those behind “New World Oder” are doing?
is there some worse tragedy up their sleeves after Corona to drive the final nail to Democracies coffin?

Corona was used to test the waters. I strongly believe a worse pandemic is on the way. China has been conducting something we call gain of function research which is very deadly. Remember, the US funds the research

I’m not posting any conspiracies, I’m just speculating on the necessary and sufficient conditions needed for that to happen

I think we talk of a mchuzi mix of several issues, including, but not limited to; viruses, climate change, declining hegemony of the US, the rise of China and India and the rising global population. These issues will or might weaken the Western democracy model

but it might all look like conspiracies but with what’s going on in the world in the last few years, it all seems planned and we might have to brace ourselves.

what you and Euler are saying is out in the open for those keen enough to look.

Correct and the change is always gradual so many people never see it coming. In this context, this quote is very informative: “People are surprised, they become indignant”.


It was preplanned. The lockdown were to test if they can take our rights. Now what they have seen they can impose anything on us.
Kwanza pale social media ile censure iko huko. To try to go against them. Unatupwa Siberia without parole.

Whatever it is the global elite are planning, Uhuru is ready to do exactly what they order him to do.

and there is nothing we can do to resist or push back.
ata mi if i were him, i would do everything they tell me, no questions asked.

i ain’t dying for ungrateful Humans.
It’s either we all resist or everybody for themselves. (but they already made sure it’s everybody for themselves by destroying the family unit and ensuring it’s always an US versus THEM fight in every human relation. thanks to DEMOCRACY, RIGHTS, FREEDOM…)

But change has always happened during Humans existence. this is not the first or the last NWO. (its just that almost everyone is informed)

Kwanza hapa kwa family ndio ngome ime chacha. Try to post anything against LGBTQchieth in social media. Unatupwa one way ticket to Siberia. Infact we should encourage men to marry women. That is how we will win the war. Saa hii niko rehab ya kuditch MGaytow.


but the WAR has already been won.
sahi kitu tutawin ni small BATTLES here and there.

sahi ni either ubaki uki resist na ultimatly uuliwe ama ukatazwe services or uitikie prgramme na unedele na maisha.

i am starting to accept the NWO and soon ntaendea vaccine. (time zitakua enough for 2/3/4 doses ama ikue compulsory)
either way, death might be the only way out. ukatae ukufe, uchukue vaccine maybe ukufe.

[ATTACH=full]379134[/ATTACH]Mr Burns

The way things are going, I think a time is coming when govts will erect roadblocks to check for vaccine compliance. Kama huna the latest upgrade on your electronic vaccine passport, you are quickly dumped onto an awaiting track for processing at a concentration-type facility.
By 2024 we’ll each have received like 10 booster shots to counter each variant. God help us all coz I don’t like this feeling of being experimented on.

Noma saa hii they want to make NHIF mandatory for all adults. Itakuwa kama KRA pin. Without it no government services. Hapa wameshika sisi hakuna kujitoa.

but at times I ask myself whether all that is bad. if you look at how things are in the world, there is soo much suffering.
if reducing the human population or having one central government that would make things better, then am all for it.
id rather live in a “peaceful” and a world where things run efficiently without democracy than where we can do or speak anyhow but things aren’t working.

i think those who will be against the NWO are those who are well off (middle class and above) since they have so much to lose.

Okay. The issue is, once things start working, the government would relinquish the hold on all levels of society. You will still ask, was it worth to surrender your rights and liberties to government. Remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Once you achieve the basic needs you crave, you will need freedom which government won’t give or allow. What next? Civil war

Westworld series season 3 tries to play out a world where we don’t have the freedom to live our lives, and in their quest to give the freedom back, they explain the Humans destroy themselves with freedom.
am for we still aren’t advanced enough to control ourselves with freedom and democracy. one can argue America is a perfect example of freedom and democracy. (same with what’s happening all over Europe) (when is it too much and how shall we limit my freedom from your freedom. they might be different ideologies with different outcomes)

Countries like South Korea seem bad, but is it a situation where we have seen people with freedom/democracy that we are sad for them without it?
if the whole world didn’t have freedom/democracy and also the idea of what it is, would we be sad in a controlled environment from the Government?

let’s fight, kill each other, destroy everything and maybe we shall know how to live with or without the freedom/democracy that we crave soo much. (the zombie series show what might become)