Democracy is Possible only within homogenous ethnic groups.

Something the Drafters of our Constitution ignored.


I beg to differ because humans beings are naturally ass-holes when we choose to be. Actually all animals will eventually fight at some point. Democracy is simply a deterrent: tuheshimiane ama tukufe wote! And it’s not perfect.

The opposite is anarchy or every man for himself and those who came before us tried it and decided democracy is far better.

There’s nothing like being homogeneous. Even inside a house where people are actually related by blood bado watu wanazozana na kuuana over petty matters. And outside the house if it’s not about race then the fight comes down to the tribe… and if everyone involved is in the same tribe then the fight will come down to clan and family names.

It all comes down to individual choice, how will you live with others on this rock called the earth? Don’t follow blindly. And the Good Book is a far better road map in life than any constitution or govt. system.

You mean homogenous like Somalia?

You are also confusing impatience with lack of democracy as far as Kenya goes. If another kikuyu won the presidency and even if that election was conducted by Angel Gabriel Himself bado watu watapigana ati kimeibiwo!

Until the day a man from kisumu get’s it ndio utaskia finally it’s fair. And that day will come na utachoka na yeye na kukuje mwingine na mwingine. Even if Ndii tells you today to leave and you do leave whichever country you will form will have it’s own problems. Probably much worse.

Homogeneity: look at north and south Koreans the same exact people cousins and brothers even, so what are they fighting about?

Look at the Hebrew and the Palestine; they look alike, the walk and talk the same way but the hatred is like fire.

Look at Pakistan and India what in the world is the beef about? They actually have nuclear bombs just in case the other tries something. BLOOD BROTHERS!!

There were only two tribes in Rwanda ona vile kulienda…

Back to Kenya, you’ll hear a Luhya say of another Luhya, “hatuwezi chagua mbukusu!”

The other will say,“Ojaamong ameiba!”

Wote ni waLuhya homogeneous but can’t get along. And many other examples.

Unfortunately there is no political interest known as a homogeneous ethnic group, all politics is about interests.

Or Yemen?

Homogenous like Japan.
Did you know during the revolution the country known as France was multiethnic & multilingual ? Through concerted effort they have transformed it into a single nationality of single language?
In Tanzania same efforts are underway. And even if TZ, a country of 130 languages, stopped today they are much further along than we would get in 100 years if we started today. All this because Kenyatta wanted land.

Yemen is multiethnic. So is Somalia.

Buuut ethnic somalis account for over 80% of the demographics, that’s why the other ethnic communities don’t appear anywhere. They don’t have the numbers to influence anything. That’s why it’s always about clans, and sub-clans.
On Tz, I guess it’s all about perspective. I’m very sure they have ethnic differences, just like they have religious ones, only that the CCM propaganda machine does its best to cover up said differences. In Kenya, we tend to yap about everything, which serves sometimes to escalate things. We will know Tz’s true shape once CCM’s tyranny ends. During Moi’s dictatorship, Kenya was known to the rest of the world as “an island of peace in a sea of conflict”. Then boom!! 2007 happened. Just months ago, we were still being fed the huge lie that Ethiopia is a very nice place to do business, a country growing at breakneck speed and that would overtake Kenya. Now we’re learning that the protests rocking the country have been going on for like three years now. So excuse me if I take any information that comes out of any country governed by a one party dictatorship with huge pinch of salt.

Explain how Yemen is multiethnic.
Please do not tell me the have ‘tribes’.They are all Arabs and all Yemenis regardless of which Islamic sect speak the same dialect of Arabic.
Same to Somalis.Though Somalis have different dialects.They speak the same lamguage and have one Islamic sect
If Yemenis are Multiethnic then so are Maasais,Kikuyus,Taitas and Kambas!!

Unless you are referring to illegally annexxed areas(Nice which spoke Italian and Alasce Lorraine which still speaks a dialect of Geraman),much of modern day France except Brittany and the Basque regions spoke French .The two regions still do not speak French as the only language.
The union of various disparate groups to speak French in France took place long before the French Revolution. Begining at the end of the time France was called Frankia to the era of Helen of Troy.