Demise of dim eyed

Dim eyes are dying inside Babuon goes to the states seeking audience with a US senator and never got an appointment, but mzito Uhuru gets visited at home by the USA but Babuon leo amecheza game kali kama angeendelea na Orangutan antics of throwing stones trust me, gava ingemake sure he never meets US secretary of state Rex W. Tillerson, otherwise kijiji imeimprove lakini bado ni meffffi RWNBP and as usual RITNP…

I am not liking this new design #bring back the old ktalk

Canaan , tough journey !

TMT nikama amefika lakini

Which carrot Uhuru Kenyatta dangled infront of Babuon? (500kcr)
A.He will make him a powerful prime minister.
B.He will support his bid in 2022.
C.He will bring back M. M.
D.He will give him 1000,0000,000,000. Kcr.

Its now improved the first update was purple

They should at least allow the ‘view all threads’ function. Having to go by category makes one miss interesting bits

Hii site bado ni meffi, 3/4 screen on opera mini …@ndoro sorry @Deorro I havent heard your explanations about this chieth!

Ndo nimetoka kukula sembe wadau.

Transition from klist to old ktalk was easy… transition from old ktalk to new plastic bimbo ktalk is shit…but us usual tunapigia mbuzi guitar… tikteta amekaa ngumu

Weka vote