Demanding Excellence From People

What do people have against being held to a yardstick of excellence and why do they feel so good at doing mediocre things. Some guy I had contracted to do a job just quit because I didn’t agree to the work which he was presenting and asked him to re-do it for the third time.
I demand excellence firstly from myself before I demand it from others including my friends. I dont see the need of having people around you who do not demand more from you because they dont add any value to you. These are my truths, feel free to agree or disagree with them.

@Gio itakuwa aje ebu nisort na job.

What criteria did u use to pick this guy ? Most of the time we tend to ride on a donkey, and expect the performance of a horse.

Venting here will not get your work done.

I know, Ktalk was open on my computer so just posted my mind. @0%_Omera it was a referral @youngpeasant tupa experience yako inbox ama hapa

@Gio, did u cook for this guy? Ama alikuwa anafanya kazi, na wewe pale nima selfie na some exotic dishes.

However, @Gio being a perfectionist is not a bad attribute as long as it doesn’t hold you from action.

I see an opportunity whereby one can start a website, a handyman website, that the general public can be rating tradesmen in .ke.

Hehehe, they have something similar at for contracting out work

Ugly face tulisema ukae kwa jikoni uwache kutusumbua

Jinga Jirani si nilikwambia uache kucomment kwa thread yangu, shika hii tissue uende ukapanguze meffi wa tuthee huko

THIRD TIME! that is not patience,kwani ni bibi yako?If it was Chapati na anapika vibaya mara tatu si unaenda hasara:confused::confused:

gio i have dip in i.t pliz give me a job

did you show him how to get it right the first time he got it wrong? If you did that was HRD. if you didn’t that is staff demotivation and you need to upgrade your team leadership skills…

Walked him through it and how I want it done

This is what happens when you leave amateurs to run The Cooking with @Gio Show


Ta imagini ndivyo @Wakanyama alifanya

alikuwa anatengeneza nini?

At times, you got to let someone go. It doesnt help to keep trying to flog a dead donkey.

jibu mashtaka bana story mingi acha