Dem Wa Singapore

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=6]Nisaidieni tafadhali, watu wanaojua Nairobi outskirts.
I met a Singaporean lady a few weeks ago. Tumekua tukiongea sana na kuchill but hapendi nairobi sana.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]nahitaji usaidizi elders, which classy out of town places can I take a non kenyan lady where we’ll feel comfortable bila kusumbuliwa? By classy I dont mean expensive. Just a place to spend a weekend. Somewhere I can drive to na drive isikue ndefu sana juu tukifika hivi tu nataka ku tandika hiyo kuma[/SIZE]


Olooloitikoshi Delights.

A&L hotel. Pale mayakos.

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Hii ni uchinka kani sasa , stop wanking on pornhub. Yaani unaona a “Singaporean” lady will have a kitty drooling with pearls? Fuk dis shit?

Huyo ni ladyboy. Kua ready kuingia mkia


[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]yaani mtu ameweka post ya wanawake, watu wengine pia wanaongea juu ya wanawake kwa the same post, we unafikiria juu ya kuingiliwa mkia?
Tafadhali tafuta dawa ya hio sauti ya kishoga[/SIZE]

[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Hii forum mtu awezi uliza swali simple na apate jibu badala ya matusi?
saa kumi na mbili asubuhi mtu ata ajatoka kwa kitanda ameanza na matusi.
You can’t convince me some people on this forum live anything but a miserable life. [/SIZE]

:D:D ni mbirrionnaires…Sahi wanakula mali yao.

Hekaya detected. Leta hekaya…

Lukenya Motocross- Athi River. (Quad bikes, camping, rooms)
Rapids Camp- Sagana. (Water sports)

[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]wewe sasa ndio unajua hizi vitu.
sande sana[/SIZE]

Ulitoana wapi na Singaporean? I find them childish, unfortunately. Anyway, I know a thing or two about Singapore and can give you some talking points, insight and strategy.

First, Singaporeans are materialistic as fuck, usually, so don’t even think about cheaping out. Ingia trip advisor, look for a nice hotel with a swimming pool and drive there. Another thing, they are fragile and like to be treated like baby girls. So mambo ya activities mingi wachana nayo for now, endeni swimming muongee kwa pool.

Third, if she comes na as mnabook akubali mshare kitanda. Then you are 60 % there. My suggestion is to watch Singaporean content on YouTube with her and to choose gossip topics that Singaporeans love. Brush up on knowledge of their celebrities (what’s her age?). Hopefully she is young juu hao ndio naelewa content preference na talking points zao.

The number 1 most controversial topic in Singapore right now is a YouTuber called Dee Kosh who was accused of soliciting sex from young boys. Same sex relationships are illegal in Singapore. The irony is that 3 years ago another YouTuber (Eden Ang) was accused by several girls (including actress Melissa Faith Yeo) of sexual predation and Dee Kosh was at the forefront of those lynching Eden.

My favourite Singaporean YouTubers are a group called Night Owl Cinematics. The founders are Ryan and Sylvia. You can watch their content and speculate why you think Ryan and Sylvia divorced (fwiw I think Sylvia cheated on him).

Depending on how young she is, she may enjoy waching Jianhao Tan. But be careful not to oogle at his wife.

These guys ain’t too bad either, plus the token black guy is a good subliminal reminder to her that you can be a cool exotic addition to her life back home. :wink:

If she speaks Singlish, you can mirror her by occasionally casually and subtly dropping a “lah” at the end of a sentence. You get me lah? If you are surprised about something sema “Wah Lau!”.

Anyway, same bed, YouTube Singaporean content, an effort to get some talking points she’ll love. This shouldn’t be hard to sexually escalate.

Swali ni mbili tu. Umepatana wapi na Singaporean? & How on earth do you manage to talk to her without wanting to pull your hair out? I find them so childish and immature.

Karen Country Lodge. Google it

Somehow subjective, but on point kabisa. Ulisomea Singapore? Engineering maybe? Malaysia got similar culture

Too much investment for this shallow boy

[SIZE=6][COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]broooo…its not that deep … I met her at my gym. Nimekua hio gym for the past 2 or so years na she’s a newcomer na anakujanga mapema kabla 7 asubuhi hakunaga watu wengi ndani. Nilimwambia ani spot ki mchezo she thought it was funny tukazoeana from there. It was amplified over the Olympics period when I invited her over for a get together juu nilikuja kugundua ni mgeni after anishow hajui kuongea swa.
I found out later that shes lived in germany for sometime kitambo. Personality yake ni safi mwanangu, so far atlist.
Nimeona dalili za materialism but si ati nateseka, na si ati na plan kumpeleka pahali kumechapa. [/SIZE]

dem anakuspot gym kwani you lift bitch-weight?

We all know Matapiko unakuanga bottom of the barrel trash, wewe na ule jamaa @cortedivoire wa kulipia kuma 150 hamna tafauti so huyu Mkalasinga wa Singapore ni fantasy tu. Else weka proof, thermal images or otherwise

Na uko idle kijana