Dem Boys @work.

Hawa mboys, the least they’re making is $80 per hour. Over 80 hrs per week. You only work 6 months in a year.
Hizi ni works za walami wa ocha, mostly guys who grew up in farms,


One of the worst jobs you can do. Most of those working in those oil rigs are missing limbs. Either they are missing a finger or two, missing toes, etc. And let me not get into those with permanent injuries. One slip up and you are fucked. And it’s slippery as hell.

Looks extremely dangerous

80 an hour? where did you get this info from? hawa rig hands barely make 30 an hour. working odd ball schedules like 28 days on and 14 days off. hizo job require you have a CDL ( license to drive a trailer truck, because you have to drive the equipment that you work with out.

na btw, for reference a CDL driver makes between 45 and 55 cents per mile, so pale kwa rig ni high risk low reward

Very very risky